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I am finding the highs and sibilance on the vsd1 a bit to piercing, i've changed the tips to a few different ones with no luck in taming the highs. I've had these for about 5 days would more burn help or are they just bright earphones that i am stuck with.
UE700 & TF10pro both are very good for their price.
  I checked the comparisons and there was just so many there, a bit of information overload. The m2 cable broke on me :( I am going to keep looking for a little, i might hold off from buying right now and try and save a bit more.
I am looking for a new pair of earphones, i used to own a pair of m2 until they died on me and i just lost my m3 last night. I have a budget of about $60 and want something that is good with rock, i loved the m2 for how they sounded except that the bass could sometimes be a little too strong. Is there anything else i should try that is in my budget? I love queen and whichever i get has to play good with their tracks.  
  I think i have a 5th gen ipod. It could just be that the m3 is not your taste. I recently purchased ER4S, i did not like the sound those at all but many people like them here. I sent them back for a refund one week ago, i am back to using my m3.
I had another longer review but something went wrong with the on page editor and lost all of it :( here is a condensed version of what i had written: I have the M3 and have had it for about a week and a half and i just adore these, the wait for the preorder was worth it. I upgraded from the m2 and i was just expecting the m3 to be a slight improvement but the sound on these just rocks, going back and forth between the m2 and the m3 i now find the bass on the m2 to be too...
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