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HFI-580 are a great choice, and you can probably find some Audio-Technica M50 for about $150.
No, I don't think you should have much of an issue.
XLR1, thanks.   jamato8, I've been doing reviews for 3 years, but I've never done high-end audio before.  I'm still relatively n00b, but I'm trying! :)
I embedded the video below.  I'm a new reviewer (when it comes to high end audio) and am open to your thoughts.  Thanks for watching.  
The bass has resolved with more burn in.  It was a little bit underpowered (I'm not a huge bass guy either), but after more burn in, it has penetrated a little more through the track.  They keep sounding better and better.  It's wild!
Thanks for the warm welcomes.  I'm heading to my uncle's house later this week (he's a big audiophile) and he told me he wanted to plug these into his Emmeline Raptor tube amp, so I'll be sure to give that a listen and see if that improves some of the lackluster bass I'm finding in my V-CAN.
Hey guys.  I'm the guy from the video.  I know I had a scattered brain that day of filming, and didn't have a whole lot of time with the headphones before pushing out the unboxing.  Just as a precursor, as I'm sure you discovered, I don't know everything about audio.  I know just enough to dip my toe in, have spent a lot of time around a lot of the industry's most professional headphones, amplifiers, and sources, but I am more of a consumer than an audiophile.  I'm using...
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