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This decent? 
Yeah, I would consider it if the price were right.  PM me.  
Wow, you two did great work!  Excited to see mine come through.  Again, any RCA cables I should look for in particular? I'm thinking the Moon-Audio Cardas Crosslink Custom, but if you can talk me out of it, go right ahead!    I know that a $90 cable isn't that big of a deal when it comes down to it, but since I'm using a stock 650 cable, do you think the Cardas is overkill?  I mean, from USB on my Mac using to a relatively inexpensive DAC to a $300 amp,...
Depends who you go with.  It's usually in the ballpark of $80-$120ish.  Fischer quoted me $90.
Got some pictures?  Interested to see how it looks.  :)  Trying to decide if I want to build one or just buy a used one under the classifieds here.
Spotify only streams about 1/6 of their library in 320 kbps.  MOG on the other hand, despite its horrendous interface, streams their whole library in 320 kbps.  I'm a happy user, and payer.
Awesome.  Sounds like I've found my rig!  Thanks everyone.  Any RCA cables I should use in specific? 
Ah bummer, I blew it.  Would have loved to attend.
Thanks for the reply.  Alright, looks like I'll pick up the Speedball upgrade and ditch the power cord idea.  Any good DAC ideas?
Yeah, it comes with Kleer. :)
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