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I just use the Apple Keyboard which I'm not particularly fond of, but it works.
I have a new 2011 MacBook Pro 15" quad core i7 with 2.2 GHZ processing.  I still have to upgrade it to 8GB of RAM, but I have removed the optical drive, and placed a 160GB Mercury Extreme SSD.
Fingerprints aren't my problem; neither are cables as I have braided them all.  The single biggest problem as stupid as this sounds is that you need a mouse pad if you're using an optical/laser mouse.  I hate mice pads.  They're restricting. :(
Very good review.  Intrested to try this out in comparison to the FiiO E7 Portabl Amp / DAC.
Look for some used Monsoon.  They are absolutely delicious and (were) cheap back in the day.  They actually cost more now, than they did 10 years ago because of the cost of the magnets they use; however, when you're in the sweet spot, they are fantastic.  They just don't fill a room incredibly well.     Swan makes great, GREAT stuff though, and I would recommend them very highly.
I started using Rdio and I love it; however, I'm sad that stupid Apple's SDK limits EQu to only play what's on the device.
I'm looking forward to the Audeze LCD-2 simply because of their stagesound.  It's almost scary how ominous it can sound when playing the right track.
Is it plug-and-play for Mac, or does it require drivers?
I'd have to say "Echoes Silence, Patience, and Grace" from the Foo Fighters.  Every single track is phenominal.  From mild, calm, gorgeous acoustics, to headbanging metal, it's simply delicious.
HFI-580 are a great choice, and you can probably find some Audio-Technica M50 for about $150.
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