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Looking to upgrade the drive tubes and rectifier on my WA6.  If you have any of the listed tubes, please get in contact with me and we can work out a fair price for the both of us.
I love the people that say the M50 have no bass—it just proves zero knowledge about headphones or audio as a whole.  I almost can't comfortably listen to the M50 because there is way too much bass.  Not to mention something like the PRO700MKII.
  Here is my video review of the Epiphany Acoustics EHP-O2.
  Too be fair, my head's shape is beyond bizarre.  I have a martian head.  Haha.
     Quote:   Impressions thus far?
    I ended up going with the WA6.  Considering picking up the Crack + Speedball soon, however.
Llloyd, thanks for recommending my work to some of your friends!  I'm leaving YouTube (and the Internet as a whole) in a few weeks to go serve an LDS mission in Santa Cruz, Bolivia for two years.  Totally stoked!  Concerning the M50, I agree.  They're a fun set, but way too much bass (the 700MKII are like seizure inducing), and so though I own them, I usually result to other headphones in the same class when I'm rocking cans around town.  They're not terrible at $150,...
    My experience with their customer service (on a faulty EF2A and a problematic HE-300 cable) has been nothing but fantastic.  Their NY-based workshop has a quick turnaround too.
    The similarities are few.  They have the same prominence in the low end wherein it can be powerful, but is never overbearing to interfere with the lower mids.  It is a warm headphone by nature, but after a few dozen hours of burn-in it seems to improve.  Upper mids are unfortunately not as forward as the DJ 100, but they're not far off, and I love the power in the highs—it's amongst the most pleasant high end I've ever heard on headphones even twice the price as...
  Can't decide if you're being facetious or not.  :)   One other thing, and I know it's ridiculous: looks.  I know none of us really care what our gear looks like, but for low-level consumers trying to spend less and get (much) more by avoiding wretched Beats by Dre, they often select headphones that may be inferior just because they look cool.  So I have to consider this when publishing a review, and the Uptown do look mighty nice if I do say so myself.  Sound is always...
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