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Add another WA7 review to the mix!  
Looking for a slightly newish Resonessence Labs Concero HD that someone is looking to turn over. DM. Willing to negotiate on price.
Price dropped.
I'm selling my 2-year-old Woo WA6 with an upgraded Sophia Electric Rectifier and 6GL7/6EM7 upgraded tubes. Retail (with upgrades) is $1050. I have loved this amp, it performs marvelously, and the only reason I am selling it is to move to a solid-state AURALiC Taurus for my new LCD-3. It is in perfect condition, can work with 110V or 220 V and has its integrated power supply.   Ships with original foam, original tubes, upgraded tubes, amp, and power cable (not included by...
Here's another photo to throw into the mix that I took at CES today.   I didn't listen to them quite long enough to write a super-in-depth analysis, but these are some of the best sounding headphones that I have ever heard. Superb soundstage is amongst the most notable.
I'll get you that picture tomorrow!Cable noise is pretty much non-existant. It can rub against my clothes and doesn't pick anything up.
An iPhone 6. Though they sound quite poor from my OnePlus One and my HTC One M8 as well. I also have a RoCoo-P from hisoundaudio and they sound great.
 It is a tad unfortunate, but it's not end-of-the-world. It's just another thing to have to carry around. :-/ Even the FiiO E7 does a fine job at powering them correctly—but they will not place nice at all with my iPhone 6 Plus.
  I have the first (and only) EarWerkz Supra. I posted my initial impressions here. Check it out.
Much hype has surrounded the newfangled (and uniquely bizarre) EarWerkz Supra “universal custom in-ear monitor” that are currently being funded on Kickstarter. As I run a well-known YouTube channel, Jack from EarWerkz hooked me up with “the only finished Supra in the entire world.” I received them yesterday morning and have already put 10–12 hours of listening time on them. I will (obviously) update this post as my ideas and opinions further develop.   TL;DR version: these...
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