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So have you heard a top-tier custom?   Because it sounds like you haven't and then everything you say is meaningless.      By its very nature the value of customs can only be judged by their owners. If it's so popular, clearly there's a substantial market for which the product is not considered overpriced. There is a premium attached to knowing that the IEM is moulded to fit you and you only, in addition to whatever engineering and testing was done behind the...
Thread isn't about single versus multi driver.   On topic: I like to share. You can poison people with universals. With customs people are just like what is that thing in your ear and you go oh this sounds really good but you have to take my word for it and they're like oooookay. 
The rough idea is there in the google translate, for once. It'll probably be a December release, 40000 yen, positioned as an upgrade to the e-Q7, and the sound is more open/refined than the e-Q7 especially in the mids and highs while being easy to drive, with a wider soundstage and improved depth.    The e-Q5/7 are among the most underrated and all-round amazing IEMs out there and I really can't wait for this. 
 You know what, I just replaced my pair a few days ago with a brand new set and there is indeed a "crease". The cable also behaves in a way that's slightly different from my old pair, though that could just be because it's new. I don't think there's a sonic difference though. 
 Just to say, it's really worth it to obtain a high quality music library. I do listen to similar genres as you and trust me, the difference between the average youtube-rip quality versus even a 320kbps mp3 (converted from lossless) can be pretty massive, especially listening from competent gear. 
W4R is simply very good - I don't think it's very exciting, but exciting all the time becomes tiring.   CK100pro on the other hand can be very exciting - fast stuff sound amazing on it because of the explosion of details and the crispness of the whole signature, and yet it's not fatiguing either unless you are sensitive to treble. The sound is fickle, though. If your source doesn't match, or your music files are not up to par, it might sound awful. Not the most forgiving...
What was with the headfonia blog talking about all these changes in the sound? All imaginary? I was so excited for an upgraded W4 too.
Thanks for the review. The 100pros are amazing indeed.
SO excited for this. Doesn't seem like the cable got massive improvements, but damn if I'm not eager for an upgrade. 
They are actually fairly durable for how fragile the connection seems to look. Mine lasted over a year with very rough use before one side started having connection issues (it's probably from the cable split), but I can still fix it by twisting the cable one way/not moving about when using the IEM. I'm sure it'll be durable enough if you actually took care of it...sound is great of course :)
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