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 C'mon guy''s time to match your AK case to your shoes.....sheesh.. 
 Ok then....I had a 64GB card fry itself so I called SanDisk CS to 'exercise" the warranty....they asked for the serial # right off-the-bat...I had to dig out the ole magnifying glass to see it, but after that they warrantied my card and even shipped it FedEx...
 Well, the info I posted is just what SanDisk put on their website, so it's anybodies guess if it's totally accurate. I got an could always call SanDisk customer service with your serial numbers and ask if they're legit...if it's that important.
 FWIW from the SanDisk website: Only Ultra PLUS cards have the UHS marking (U), the non-Plus cards all have the Class 10 logo 'only'. Ultra UHS-1 Card:                                              Ultra PLUS UHS-1 Card:                                  Me thinks the fakes are ones that have the (U) marking but no 'PLUS' text... that a DAP in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?   
 How about making some K10 + Oakley' I can look like this with hair extensions:        
 Note: Just my opinion of course: It is a combination of white noise and variable high to low tones to 'exercise' the drivers presumably better or faster than music would....and perhaps most's titled   'Burn-In Tones'.... 
 Of course....Scenario: Install track on DAP...set on repeat....hook-up headset to be under pillow for the night...or on your head like this... 
 Bass will settle down/change. Mine was a bit over the top at first but settled down after ~20 hours. warrior, ASG2's must be bass monsters if they have more than the Ref. I've never heard ASG2's but Ref's have way bigger bass than 846's.
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