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 Reports are that YES it works fine in AK DAP's. It's really no different than any other MicroSD card, just has a larger capacity.
 Hmmm....is that "freaked out" good or "freaked out" bad ?
 Really? Who told you that? From personal experience, the Ref1 Too + Uber Too is easily driven by the Tera. AFAIK the Uber Too is no harder to drive than any of the other Tralucent cables. Also, the Ref1 needs at least a couple hundred hours to fully 'break-in' and sound its best...
 Yes...and so can any other audio device that accepts a MicroSD card and can play the file types on it (.mp3, .flac, .wav, etc.).
 Not really a problem, since once you figure it out by trial 'n error and mark the right one red (w/heatshrink, marker, etc.) you're good.
 Lol...Compy data is useless regarding what IEM's eartips like JVC Spiral Dots fit, or don't fit. Personal experience, on the other hand, proves that Spiral Dots (and the others I mentioned above) fit IE8/80's very well.....which is why I posted in the first place.
 Having done a lot of research (buy 'n try) myself here are the 3 best eartips for 'large bore' IEM's like IE8/80's: 1.) Ortofon  LINK2.) JVC Spiral Dots  LINK3.) Radio Shack AUVIO's  LINK The top 2 (1&2) have a very large fan base here @ HeadFi.
 The entire V1 body is one piece with the cable connection jack, the V2 cable connection area is a separate section and is matte (flat) black the rest of the body is shiny as the V1. V2:
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