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 "All squished" loled at that ;-) I agree the Spiral Dots are very prone to bass heavyness....I like the Ortofons best w/ Ref1's, also they fit deeper since they are smaller and are actually more comfortable for long listening sessions like work....and no vacuum seal issues either: 'easy in, easy' out like when the phone rings, etc. I'm amazed to hear that customs are not as comfortable as universals since I thought that was one of their main advantages....  (I don't have...
 Reports are that YES it works fine in AK DAP's. It's really no different than any other MicroSD card, just has a larger capacity.
 Hmmm....is that "freaked out" good or "freaked out" bad ?
 Really? Who told you that? From personal experience, the Ref1 Too + Uber Too is easily driven by the Tera. AFAIK the Uber Too is no harder to drive than any of the other Tralucent cables. Also, the Ref1 needs at least a couple hundred hours to fully 'break-in' and sound its best...
 Yes...and so can any other audio device that accepts a MicroSD card and can play the file types on it (.mp3, .flac, .wav, etc.).
 Not really a problem, since once you figure it out by trial 'n error and mark the right one red (w/heatshrink, marker, etc.) you're good.
 Lol...Compy data is useless regarding what IEM's eartips like JVC Spiral Dots fit, or don't fit. Personal experience, on the other hand, proves that Spiral Dots (and the others I mentioned above) fit IE8/80's very well.....which is why I posted in the first place.
 Having done a lot of research (buy 'n try) myself here are the 3 best eartips for 'large bore' IEM's like IE8/80's: 1.) Ortofon  LINK2.) JVC Spiral Dots  LINK3.) Radio Shack AUVIO's  LINK The top 2 (1&2) have a very large fan base here @ HeadFi.
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