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 There is no 1plus3.... The latest IEM is the Ref.1, although I think the 1plus2 is still available. The company is Tralucent Audio, for the answer all you have to do is PM him: spkrs01 HeadFi Ref.1 thread:  LINKHeadFi 1plus2 thread: LINK
 Me too! Everyone owns a Hugo ....everyone except Dinerenblanc...
So, I suppose you asked Fitear who the US distributor is then...? Otherwise it looks like you may have to order from PriceJapan or Musica Acoustics. I did it, it's very easy actually.
 Have you checked with ALO Audio ?   They are the US distributor.
 lol on "It pairs just fine, just no sound." If you can't get AK central to answer the Bluetooth question, I suggest you ask Vinnie @ RedWineAudio. Then tell us what he said please. UPDATE: Just got off the email w/Vinnie: He doesn't know about Bluetooth-ing the 240. Have you read the AK240 manual about Bluetooth? If not, there might be something in there to help...just sayin'.
 After years and years of trial and error I suggest: 1.) Ortofon Tips 2.) JVC Spiral Dots 3.) Radio Shack AUVIO's
 Tool and Porcupine Tree  Chevelle...  
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