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 CLUE: "If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is."  Or....ALL Chinese 128GB Micro Sd Cards on eBay are fake. especially the the 'no-name' blue and white packaged ones. The only legit 128GB maker so far is SanDisk (see Amazon). Always test newly purchased SD cards (even SanDisk) with the following FREE memory tester app. If it doesn't pass: it's fake, no if ands or buts. H2TESTW
 Still waiting for the answer to this question...
Kevlar is a synthetic fiber.  LINK
 Agreed, if the un-compressing/playback is correctly executed by the processor (DAC) you shouldn't hear any difference. 
 Yes and no or 50/50... ALAC is compressed: Ref: WAV is not compressed:  Ref:
 @ptravel  FYI - WAV is not compressed.
 Faster yes, but the best charger for battery longevity is probably a 'gentler, kinder' 0.5A (=500mA) charger....slower but less wear and tear electrically on the battery so it will last much longer than a faster 1A or 2A (yikes) charger.
  Tape over only the (2) middle pins in red box above, leaving the (2) outside voltage pins not covered.  
 ....which is easy to make from any USB cable by simply taping over just the middle contacts leaving only the outside (left & right) contacts exposed.  Presto, only voltage (+/-5V) will be transfered, no signal data.
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