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    What file extension do they have?  Examples: .alac, .flac, .mp3, .wav, etc
 I am fairly sure Vinnie @ will be able to locate and or replace AK DAP batteries just in case you can't find anywhere else: "... we still try to offer prompt repair service for such non-warranty items (such as the battery, LCD, etc.).  Price depends on nature of repair and if we can obtain replacement parts."
 Looks just like mine......                 
 Hmmm...I guess Charles new pricing strategy is starting to make sense now.... .....a $10,000 DAP with headphones that 'only' cost 1/4 as much....
 NEW:                                                                                                             NOT NEW:                 
 Copper may be a great conductor but it's one of the worlds softest metals...the only one softer is LEAD! 
ATTENTION!!  PK2's are on MassDrop for a great price...$38.99!!!   LINK
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