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 Please post your sure isn't $225 now 41 minutes later??
  Keep it off the pins and socket.
 I should add that my 240 is the 'grey' version, not the gold. Is Kaits gold? The other possibility obviously is that the 2.5mm jack in gold AK240's is different than the jack in the grey 240's...which would suck... 
 Yo Soundblast,Linskog's post was about different materials used in to generating sound. Charles Altmann has extensively studied this subject and pubished many interesting articles which relate directly to sound generating devices like IEM's and CIEM's. Also, he does not actually make IEM's or CIEM's, only electronics like DAP's, amps, preamps, and Harley accessories. A DAP like his Tera is likely a very excellent choice to drive Custom Art CIEM's, so how is this...
 'Sounds' like the issue is with what ever brand of plug Toxic & Wagnus are using. I'm using a 2.5mm Ranko like this and it works perfect so far:  LINK  Also, Gavin @ Tralucent has a 2.5mm plug that he provides with his cables that seems to work might email/PM him to see if it's available.
 ....and the base plates of his home electronics products are made of wood: 
Those clear right angle FitEar connectors are s-w-e-e-t looking...
 The same thing happens sometimes with my Windows (XP) computer, too. Not just with the AK240 but any USB device that I plug in (Hard Drives, SD readers, etc.). The second plug-in attempt usually gets them hooked up sucessfully. Seems to be no pattern to the 'temporary blindness'...just unplug and repeat till they start talking to each other.
 Ummm...please explain....did you make this or is Gavin now making cable sets for FitEar??? If you made it. what happened to the 'orphan' Tralucent IEM's that used to have a home box and cable?
 ....... ..... This product is currently out of stock. We are now taking orders for shipping in September 2014.
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