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I did....I just didn't want to say anything.....my cord just reaches my hip.   I pictures Froto from Lord Of The Rings.  
Well you can get them for $27 on Ebay or around $25 on Amazon depending on the time of day....but even for $30 I don't see you returning them for any reason....they are a VERY COMPETENT iem across the entire frequency spectrum.To me the CX200 is a $25 iem....the CKM50 is better than many $60+ iem's.      
I'm using Hybrids on the CKM50 and the fit is nice....I almost can't use any other tip these days....  
Not bad for $25?   Lets just say I'll be ordering a few more pairs....it's either that or the CKM77 I'm still deciding....needless to say the Monoprice 839 will be waiting a bit just because I find myself using iem's 100% of the time at my computer anyway.
  Different densities of foam affect different frequencies.   I would say the density of foam covering the Pannies might have an effect on the highs down to the upper mids.....but not anything in the bass regions since it's just not dense enough.  
Take all your booze money for the next 6 months and spend it on audio gear.   If I went out every week I wouldn't be able to afford anything nice....thats why going out for me is a rare occurance.   If I want to drink I go to the liquor store.  
Well before you do anything I would check out the Monoprice 8323....for $23 they sound like no brainer....I plan on grabbing a pair.   Read the review Malveaux did on the MPH-839 where he compares them to the M50 here:   http://www.head-fi.org/products/monoprice-mhp-839/reviews/5568   Also try the Panasonic HTF-600 for around the same price....I have these and they are worthwhile addition to any can collection.   I don't see any need to spend so much...
Listening to my CKM50 after a few hours of burn in I'm VERY impressed!!!   They actually didn't sound offensive right out of the box.   These remind me of my ATH-A700.....very close to that signature.   I'm using them with Sony Hybrid LARGE tips as I didn't like the fit I got from the stock tips.....the Hybrids have spoiled me I guess.   Good find DsNuts.
While I agree with everything DsNuts says a few posts up....you have to get a feel of how music sounds in a live venue to calibrate your ears.. The sound of a fully plugged in band or how an acoustic Jazz band sounds in a small club or bar.   Free shows in the park are ok but you lose something outside obviously due to the wide open space....it's ok if you enjoy the music....it's better than nothing but not like a smaller venue.
The only way to calibrate your ears/memory is to go to a few live shows.   Or at least listen to something of reference quality.   You need a reference first to know if a playback system is getting it right.
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