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They're at their all time low price on Amazon now guys.......$23.98.    
Hmmm.....180 degrees is the style I prefer....the way an M6 or the Westones and Shures fit.   I'd have to flip the channel. The only thing that sucks is I'd have to flip the channels for the CKM50 and then switch them back for any other pair.   It's not a deal breaker but when I wear iem's while playing drums theres obviously an advantage to not having a cable getting in the way.
Anyone try wearing these over the ear?   From the looks of the design that looks like a no-go.   Wearing with the cables straight down is so.....pedestrian.....the only other thing thats more pedestrian is if the color is white.
  THAT I like!!!     You're making me want to snatch another pair before my first pair gets to my doorstep.
I'll be trying that out myself.....I use FooBar220 but never used that plug in.   I add maybe 10 FLAC albums to my collection daily so that will be a nice ultility to use along with Flac Tester and Audio Checker.
On several comparisons I've done .....I can't tell the first listen.   But with the right gear......I would say the overall presentation is the same between 320 kb/s and FLAC but with a few say the texture and weight of a cymbal or the finger sounds on a guitar string....or the multi-textural sounds of a drum head come through with a bit more clarity or resolution with a FLAC.   But the short answer is 98% of the people out there...
Well if I can't get a pair maybe I can buy a pair off of you.   Check your PM box.....
Would you have liked them better if they cost $60?
Yes but the CKM50 can be had for less money and in most cases the improvements in sound are minimal.   Still $35 on Amazon as I type....I'll just keep a browser window open on that page until it drops to a bit over $25 and I'll pull the trigger.
Posted before I read this one.   Let me know how yours look and if you think they're legit I'll snatch a pair.   We can compare pics of the packaging to the units purchased from Amazon.   The Ebay sellers are from NJ so that could go either way being so close to NY which is a hub for counterfeit goods.
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