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Listening to my CKM50 after a few hours of burn in I'm VERY impressed!!!   They actually didn't sound offensive right out of the box.   These remind me of my ATH-A700.....very close to that signature.   I'm using them with Sony Hybrid LARGE tips as I didn't like the fit I got from the stock tips.....the Hybrids have spoiled me I guess.   Good find DsNuts.
While I agree with everything DsNuts says a few posts have to get a feel of how music sounds in a live venue to calibrate your ears.. The sound of a fully plugged in band or how an acoustic Jazz band sounds in a small club or bar.   Free shows in the park are ok but you lose something outside obviously due to the wide open's ok if you enjoy the's better than nothing but not like a smaller venue.
The only way to calibrate your ears/memory is to go to a few live shows.   Or at least listen to something of reference quality.   You need a reference first to know if a playback system is getting it right.
I would think the way it works is the driver manufacturer makes a driver thats flat and linear as possible in a certain budget/price range. The sensitivity is usually a result of the design of the voice coil diameter, voice coil windings, weight distribution and overall weight of the diaphram.   The headphone maker designs the earphone around the driver which is placed in a test enclosure and possibly modeled in a computer program and tuned from...
They're at their all time low price on Amazon now guys.......$23.98.    
Hmmm.....180 degrees is the style I prefer....the way an M6 or the Westones and Shures fit.   I'd have to flip the channel. The only thing that sucks is I'd have to flip the channels for the CKM50 and then switch them back for any other pair.   It's not a deal breaker but when I wear iem's while playing drums theres obviously an advantage to not having a cable getting in the way.
Anyone try wearing these over the ear?   From the looks of the design that looks like a no-go.   Wearing with the cables straight down is so.....pedestrian.....the only other thing thats more pedestrian is if the color is white.
  THAT I like!!!     You're making me want to snatch another pair before my first pair gets to my doorstep.
I'll be trying that out myself.....I use FooBar220 but never used that plug in.   I add maybe 10 FLAC albums to my collection daily so that will be a nice ultility to use along with Flac Tester and Audio Checker.
On several comparisons I've done .....I can't tell the first listen.   But with the right gear......I would say the overall presentation is the same between 320 kb/s and FLAC but with a few say the texture and weight of a cymbal or the finger sounds on a guitar string....or the multi-textural sounds of a drum head come through with a bit more clarity or resolution with a FLAC.   But the short answer is 98% of the people out there...
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