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I think it's just a mis-match to the output of your player. Could bean impedance issue.   I have full size cans that just don't move on my computer rig.....but sound absolutely stunning on my home rig....and vice versa.   Did you try a different amp?
I don't have that problem one bit.....if your source isn't flat you can't blame the speaker......   I experience the opposite....I'm finding these present details I don't hear with any other iem....these details are present on both of my better full size cans.....AD700 and A700.
I see no reason to mess with it.   The CKM50 requires no EQ whatsoever.....they're capable with ANY music genre but the bass quantity does not impose itself with even the most delicate of music.   I would say trying different tips would be a better approach....the Balanced double tips from MEE reduce the lowend a bit but I prefer the sound/fit from the  Large Sony Hybrids.
I did....I just didn't want to say cord just reaches my hip.   I pictures Froto from Lord Of The Rings.  
Well you can get them for $27 on Ebay or around $25 on Amazon depending on the time of day....but even for $30 I don't see you returning them for any reason....they are a VERY COMPETENT iem across the entire frequency spectrum.To me the CX200 is a $25 iem....the CKM50 is better than many $60+ iem's.      
I'm using Hybrids on the CKM50 and the fit is nice....I almost can't use any other tip these days....  
Not bad for $25?   Lets just say I'll be ordering a few more's either that or the CKM77 I'm still deciding....needless to say the Monoprice 839 will be waiting a bit just because I find myself using iem's 100% of the time at my computer anyway.
  Different densities of foam affect different frequencies.   I would say the density of foam covering the Pannies might have an effect on the highs down to the upper mids.....but not anything in the bass regions since it's just not dense enough.  
Take all your booze money for the next 6 months and spend it on audio gear.   If I went out every week I wouldn't be able to afford anything nice....thats why going out for me is a rare occurance.   If I want to drink I go to the liquor store.  
Well before you do anything I would check out the Monoprice 8323....for $23 they sound like no brainer....I plan on grabbing a pair.   Read the review Malveaux did on the MPH-839 where he compares them to the M50 here:   Also try the Panasonic HTF-600 for around the same price....I have these and they are worthwhile addition to any can collection.   I don't see any need to spend so much...
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