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I haven't found them to get confused at all with busier tracks.   What tracks in particular are you referring to?   And what is your reference iem/can?  
FM or even internet radio is so compressed everything sounds the same.   When I'm listening to the radio I'm usually listening to the personalities and just deal with the music played.   Luckily the radio station I listen to plays good music .....for the most part....even if I pop an internet station it's just just to fill the space with music not for critical listening.   But I'm not looking for the ultimate in sound quality if thats what you're...
  After I listened to a few tunes I found the same thing.....these things ROCK!!! They provide a dimensionality I ony get from more expensive full size cans....with the visceral impact only an iem can provide.     Try a pair of Sony Hybrids as I've found that the softer but still thick silicone provides a good seal and allows  the housing to get a good seat which can be difficult with the angle of the tube in relation to the driver housing.   And that Lost Souls band is...
Heres a nice illustration of what I just described just a bit down the page:   Interestingly if you check out some of the other Yamaha iem's they have a striking similarity to the Audio Technica CKM family.
When the sound waves exit the driver and out the tube of the driver housing they don't reach your ear 100% as direct sound.....theres some reflection from the ear canal itself.   Just as several glass windows will cause early reflection in a room ....the same thing can happen in our ear canals causing  brightness to the sound.    
Buy a whole crapload.....I'll take a few sets for sure.
I like my Audio Technica ATH-A700 for Metal.....and they fall well below your budget.   The ATH-A900x is a new release from Audio Technica and is right under your budget at around $280 and a slight improvement over the current ART series monitors.
I think it's just a mis-match to the output of your player. Could bean impedance issue.   I have full size cans that just don't move on my computer rig.....but sound absolutely stunning on my home rig....and vice versa.   Did you try a different amp?
I don't have that problem one bit.....if your source isn't flat you can't blame the speaker......   I experience the opposite....I'm finding these present details I don't hear with any other iem....these details are present on both of my better full size cans.....AD700 and A700.
I see no reason to mess with it.   The CKM50 requires no EQ whatsoever.....they're capable with ANY music genre but the bass quantity does not impose itself with even the most delicate of music.   I would say trying different tips would be a better approach....the Balanced double tips from MEE reduce the lowend a bit but I prefer the sound/fit from the  Large Sony Hybrids.
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