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Yep....and I don't know maybe it's just me....but to spend $100 on a set of pads....I'd rather either save the money or buy something else.   Maybe it's also the fact that I have alot of leather laying around the house.....several types of foam ....some thread......and some heavy duty leather sewing needles....and the simple fact that I pride myself in learning how to master a new fabrication skill.
After going through all the reviews I've found many people believe that the stock pads that Denon provide are the best choice.   Several posts on Headroom confirmed this but I'm not sure if they were removed since J-Money vanished.
I replaced or actually traded mine with the pleather type from the HARX900.   I believe the pad from Audio Technica ART series monitors fit......I have a pair but never tried them since i didn't want to damage them attempting to remove them.   Possibly the Beyer Dynamic velour type would fit....I know alot of guys around here use them on the Panasonic HTF600....which by the way is a better headphone than the HARX700.
The best argument I have without being brash is the price/performance ratio.   Kindly inform people that very high quality headphones can be obtained for less money that are capable of higher performance.   Possibly the only way to truly enlighten people is to allow them to hear a nice setup that costs less than the Beats.....but considerably outperforms them.    
Your best bet is to use a set of iems not a pair of full size headphones.   Iem's enter your ear canal and are the best form of passive noise reduction.They   Iem's work so effectively at blocking outside noise I use a cheap pair for earplugs when I play my they should work perfectly for your situation.   At this point we would say whats your budget.....what type of music do you listen to and work from there.
There might be more bass and treble....does it possess the full size can sound in an iem?   Does the SHE3850 have the resolving power of the CKM50?   While I find a comparable iem like the Sony MDR-EX35(comparable to the SHE3850) to have a more balanced signature to the CKM50.....they don't possess the resolving capabilities of the CKM50.....frequency balance does not determine overall performance in any headphone.   While I would use the Sony MDR-EX35....and not miss...
  I say in the spirit of this thread.....go for it.     Japanese market gear is intriguing but has little exposure on English speaking sites.   Many times they get the good stuff while we get the junk as it's been in the Car Audio market for a long time now.....and it's always nice to uncover a gem as with the CKM50.  
One more thing can't use BLACK Metal to test any type of audio gear.....I listen to some Black Metal but not as often as I'd like due to the deliberatly harsh recordings.   If I have to listen to BM I would purposely use an earphone with a dark sound signature to offset the harshness.   You do realize Black Metal is Norways version of a garage band sound and purposely use a cold and stark sound thats unpleasant to portray the coldness and...
  You can't use a low bitrate source as a speaker test.   I COMPLETELY disagree with all your criticisms of the CKM50.....I love them just as many others do.   They are easily an $80 iem......all.... day.... long.  
Since hindsight is always 20/20....if you continue to use heat to dry your cables I would suggest periodically treating the plastic bits with a good quality rubber/plastic conditioner like Lexol.   The key point is you need to replace the oils that are drying out.....plastic/rubber after all is just a bunch of brittle bits without that oil/petroleum base has   I found Lexol to be very high quality and doesn't suffer any build up issues.   I've been using it...
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