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I wouldn't lose a second of sleep over it.   Keep in mind alot of the quirky things we obsess over are only to distractions from our REAL problems.   This goes for any hobby out there....I should know I have enough of them draining my bank account.
Power is power.   As long as you first giving the speakers enough power.... second are presenting the amp with an impedance load it can handle......third.... aren't driving the amp into distortion and overloading the power supply and output stages.....the "quality" of the amp matters not.
Or you have gotten a pair of MEElectronics M6 or M9 for a little'd have a nice zippered case to use an ok pair of iems's and about 20 extra tips.
These are back up to $24 on Amazon.   If visuals are any indication these seem to be VERY similar to the Audio Technica CKM series.   The CKM50 was jumping up and down several months back when they were being hyped by DsNuts.   I'll keep my eye out for both the 295 and 355 and grab a few pairs when the price goes down.   I have a feeling these are actually Audio Technica CKM series iems lurking under slightly different cosmetics.
The mark of most budget gems.
Heres an idea....sacrifice a pair of Thermaltakes and pair of CK99's and open the housings up to ID the drivers.   While that might be costly you very well could verify if they indeed are the same drivers.
One more thing to add.....many  people that go out will go to a club Thurs, Fri and Sat night and of course wear no protection if they're in a dance I notice those people actually have worse damage than people that are musicians like myself.  
    I've been going to Metal concerts for the past 25 years....more so 10 years ago.   Most of the concerts I used hearing protection....but the first 4 or 5 years I used no protection.   I also play drums and much of my earlier days practicing I never wore earplugs.   Lately I use them 90% of the time when playing drums and I actually can't enjoy any live shows without protection since my hearing is still so good.   I can be watching the TV and hear people whispering...
    Post this in the portable section.
If you're getting them for $50 and no shipping hassle than it's worth it since they are a very nice pair of headphones.   I guess I'm budget minded to the point that spending $20 for extra pads on a $35 headphone just doesn't make any sense when the stock pads are excellent.   I'd rather get just something else like another pair of iem's and not have a pair of pads thrown into a drawer and not getting used for anything other than taking up space.
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