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Well heres my take on burn in and anyone with a background in home audio or car audio will attest to this.   It's VERY simple and it makes me shake my head at some of these headphone guys that say burn-in is a myth.....the more expensive the driver is the less burn in will be needed and the less change will occur.   If a driver manufacturer is aiming for a certain price point long QC burn in sessions WILL NOT happen at the factory.   Headphone drivers are...
I have my HARX700's modded with the felt removed.   I didn't feel the need to do anything else but since getting other headphones....and doing extensive listening tests with all genres of music early this morning...... I realize these aren't quite as good as I thought,   I would say for the past year the only music genre I listen to on my home setup is Jazz, Jazz/Fusion, Female vocals and music with lots of dynamics and space.   Most Metal, Rock, Electronic...
Everything on the A700 is better than the HARX700. I own both and for the 7 pairs of cans I own the AT A700 are my favorite if I had to only keep one pair.   The HARX700 ARE close to the A700 in that they aren't lush or warm but more neutral...soundstage isn't as wide as A700 and little more closed in. But I don't use cans for gaming so those attributes aren't as important for me in a closed can.   When I want open and wide soundstage I grab my ATH-AD700.   But the...
    Jqpanese Kit Kats are awesome....we get shafted here in the US. Chocolate. Thats it.   MAybe I'll order another pair of Japanese only headphones sine the AD900x and A900x are readily available in the US now.
OK those capacitors acting as x-overs have some thought and engineering into them....at least they should.   Sansui is not a great brand....but I digress.   The only thing I would do is put an L-Pad between each speaker to adjust the overall output.....an L ad is basically a variable resistor that will adjust output and can be handy when tuning speaker system to find the values that work to give a balanced sound between the different passbands.   Just popping...
I wouldn't lose a second of sleep over it.   Keep in mind alot of the quirky things we obsess over are only to distractions from our REAL problems.   This goes for any hobby out there....I should know I have enough of them draining my bank account.
Power is power.   As long as you first giving the speakers enough power.... second are presenting the amp with an impedance load it can handle......third.... aren't driving the amp into distortion and overloading the power supply and output stages.....the "quality" of the amp matters not.
Or you have gotten a pair of MEElectronics M6 or M9 for a little less.....you'd have a nice zippered case to use an ok pair of iems's and about 20 extra tips.
These are back up to $24 on Amazon.   If visuals are any indication these seem to be VERY similar to the Audio Technica CKM series.   The CKM50 was jumping up and down several months back when they were being hyped by DsNuts.   I'll keep my eye out for both the 295 and 355 and grab a few pairs when the price goes down.   I have a feeling these are actually Audio Technica CKM series iems lurking under slightly different cosmetics.
The mark of most budget gems.
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