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  The amp feature is a simple op amp chip on the board of the card. The part could cost less than $1 if you were to buy it from a website like Parts Express. It doesn't cost as much to include the amp on an existing card.   So it wouldn't be comparable to buying a stand alone amp if thats what you're thinking.   Think of it more along the lines of getting a headphone amp for free.   Will it be as good as the stand alone desk top amp? Probably not but if it serves your...
Thanks for the reply TmRaven.   Ok sounds good....I mean the price is right and I'm sure they're better than my Sennheiser HD205 which are VERY uncomfortable while sitting at the computer...nice upper mid and treble detail but whats the use if I feel like my eyes will POP out....and my head isn't that big either.   I'm a headphone noob so this is all quite overwhelming.    
I'm not an EQ snob at all when it comes to headphones.....every single pair of headphones I own is 10X more enjoyable with some EQing.   Oh and the most important part.... ATH-AD700 SHIPPED to my door for $53 and a 30 money back guarantee.
How about the claim by some that if your head isn't large enough theres a gap at the top of the earcup?   Check out this review:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gv224accdB0&feature=related
To anyone has lived with both of these cans or used them on a regular basis.....   If you had to choose one over the other state your reasons.   Or do you simply prefer to use each on different styles of music or gear?   I want my first pair of open back phones and have narrowed it down to these two.   I listen to ANY style of quality music thats well recorded.
One driver and no x-over points are better than 19 x-over points from an electrical standpoint, and while it might not reach as high or low simplicity IS the preferred path.   However the small distance that the sound does travel into the ear more than likely reduces the problems you'd see in a speaker system in a typical room.  
Yeah I think I'll try a pair. It's discontinued and I'm more drawn to the higher end offerings from Sennheisers....and those will have to wait.   Plus I trust the seller and I'm not holding my breathe on getting a pair thats as perfect as these.
COFFEE!!! NOTHING gets done before my coffee except splashing some water on my face to freshen up.
  Excellent minimalistic approach.   Reminds me of the early 90's Soundstream amps.    
My cousin has had a pair of these since they were new and are VERY nice.   Small footprint, full range sound and they sounded great out of every one of his Onkyo receivers he's owned through the years.   The only thing I'd say to look out for is the foam surrounds will rot out and will need to be replaced.  
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