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My cousin has had a pair of these since they were new and are VERY nice.   Small footprint, full range sound and they sounded great out of every one of his Onkyo receivers he's owned through the years.   The only thing I'd say to look out for is the foam surrounds will rot out and will need to be replaced.  
  And I have 60+ in my closet that are deteriorating as we speak.  
 %95 of what comes out of China is shifty.   I purposely bought a pair of Fake Sony headphones just to see how bad they were.   But to my utter dismay they actually sounded good.....and still do 2 years later.   I wanted to open a Paypal claim against him but for $36 SHIPPED I was happy.   I know for instance with the Sennheiser CX300 the fakes are terrible.
New here and man is this place addictive.   Almost as much as the Car Audio forums when I was new to that scene.   Which leads me to....the Dynamat issue.   The way Dynamat or any other mass loading product works is it adds mass to an object....usually a car door skin or roof.   Adding mass basically converts vibration to heat which will reduce the amount the panel will vibrate.   Adding foam type, or barrier product under a carpet will block some...
New here but not to Mid/HI-End audio. I've just never dipped into the headphone pool.   I've been doing tons of research reading reviews here and on Amazon and I'm drawn to the Sennheiser HD555 due to to MANY saying it's a good introduction to High End headphones.   I know these aren't a do-it all set of headphones and I'm not expecting them to play Electronic music, Dub Step or Drum and Bass with low end authority. I listen to everything but MOSTLY Metal and...
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