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Late to the party but I'll be ordering the ATH-CKM500 right after my A900x and E17 arrive.   Everytime I feel the urge to try a different brand I'm pulled right back to AT.   Damn you DsNuts!   I mean that in good way.
This does sound a bit controlling.   I haven't looked into any of these proposed guidelines but thanks for the heads up.   If a person chooses to blow out their eardrums that should be their choice.   I doubt they will have any say on max DB levels at concerts....especially the METAL scene which is VERY domninant in any European country.
Magnepan is also a good choice.   The room plays a big part in the final sound signature but as long as your room isn't super reflective or super dead you should get good results.   You also need to space them a few feet away from any room boundaries....so be prepared to dedicate a room to that type of speaker setup.....another reason why headphone audio is so popular.
For what they are....and how cheap they can be had I see NO REASON on EARTH  why anyone would have a bad thing to say about the ATH-AD700.   They aren't for every music genre but when they agree with the music they're magic.   A colored magic....but a VERY nice color.   I can only say my only regret was the Sennheiser HD-205....not the best choice for my first real pair of headphones. But for $23......I guess I can't really complain except for the vice grip head clamp...
NO....yours are defective.   I have the ATH-A700 and the A900x SHOULD have better bass response.   They could be wired out of phase or there could be a driver issue.   Return them. Period.
I touched on that subject a bit before I read your response but yes the best thing is to just NOT listen to the bad recordings on your good cans.   Get a decent headphone amp/DAC thats compatible with your system/systems and  few pairs of reasonably priced high performing iem's like the Audio Technica CKM or CKS series so you have all your basses covered.   Personally for me right now I need something I can use as a UBS DAC/amp on my computer rig.....and also move to the...
Huge Metalhead here also.....along with multiple genres....but Metal elitist/drummer first and foremost.     Remember the most important thing is getting a headphone thats not perfectly neutral.....but is not defficient in any passband. It's ok to have slightly warm mids.....or emphasized treble with Grados for example.....as long as what is suppose to come out of the recording comes out. A little more is ok....but not less. You can always EQ down a touch but when you EQ...
I'd love to see that comparison.   I have the HTF600 and they are a nice smooth headphone but their flaws show themselves when you compare them in an AB test to higher end cans.
I'm wondering the same thing myself.   I know I've read somewhere that the A900x is better than the M-50.   For those who own or owned both can you elaborate?   I'm about to pull the trigger on the A900x but was also considering the M-50 just to have a solid all around performer for faster paced music like Rock and Metal. I'm also an owner of the ATH-A700 and while it's a great headphone for music thats slower paced or acoustic music.... the hot treble doesn't do it for...
I could see no reason whay AT would use an inferior cable in the coiled version.   As long as it's a quality OFC used I see no possibility for any differences in sound.   I'm debating the same dillema myself...but the coiled is $6 less at Amazon right now so it's toss up.   I'll have to play around with my Sony cans with the coiled cable and decide.   I usually sit 8 feet away from my home setup so I don't want the coiled cable weight to be a factor.
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