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The M50x is probably the best all-rounder under $200 for just ENJOYING THE MUSIC. ONe thing compared to the higherend AT models is the robust standard build quality. The higher end cans are on the flimsy side with the dual wire tensioning system and dual wing head rests, These are cans you baby and not work horse cans like the M50s are.  Having said that......when it comes to the upper end Audio Technica headphones you do get more refinement but you will need a high...
I would go with the Fiio E17. It's VERY versatile and sounds great while capable of driving higher impedance cans. Just cut out EVERY possible expense for the next couple of weeks and you can swing it. I plan on getting a pair of DT 990 Pro in the next few weeks and then getting the E17 if my 2 current setups can't drive them.
I would look at other cans in the $200 to $300 price category.   You have a very nice set of headphones but going up to the $800 and higher price bracket won't necesarily give you what you want ....especially if you're a noob as you say.
You're nuts for selling something you loved so much. But not for LOVING those headphones.
I've seen them for around $98 for 4 or 5 days back in June. Then up to around $118. I'm going for the M50x in Blue. Those look freaking AMAZING! That burnt orange color on the pads and headrest is my favorite color for a car interior.....any Audi or even Nissan guys will know what I'm talking about so this will fit me nicely.
Thank you. I'll have to look for that thread.....but these IM70 are a no-brainer considering the price........once you're spending $60 for something like the CKM500.....whats another $50 for an iem thats clearly superior in every way.
I would think an iem this good would be a waste on's basically just computer music with some yapping over the top.
Can anyone that owns these make any comparisons to the CKM-500?   That was my next planned AT iem purchase at around $60 SHIPPED from Japan but for roughly 2X the price these seem like a winner.
You could always just get a pair of JVC HARX-700 which are one of the best for the money and just do more research to know what your flavor is.....theres a good chance you might not feel the need to get anything better.   And they're built very well....and not just for the price.   I've held cans in the $200 range that didn't feel as sturdy and well built as my HARX-700.
How can that be when the Audio Technica ATH-A900x absolutely destroys the M-50 in every possible way?   The only drawback to the A900x is the AT wing system which is not for everyone.     But the OP of this thread sounds like someone that is attempting to stir up some more sales for his business possibly?
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