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Not sure how different the fake ones are from the real ones but the real ones fit perfectly fine. They go on with a little effort but stay on with no problems.
I just tried a pair of Comply and they help to keep the earpieces in. I have a problem with the right side not quite keeping the seal. The left not so much of a problem. I've been using Sony Hybrid Med or Large.  Anyone know if the SpinFit are a major improvement over the Hybrids?  I'm still contemplating sending these back if they won't stay in. I wanted something for music listening but also something for practicing drums. Moving my head is a no no with anything other...
But for the improvements and features you get with the Uber models it's worth every penny. The Magni 2 UBER does put out a bit more juice and the Modi 2 Uber has all 3 digital inputs. That sounds like a win across the board in my book.
Have you tried any other headphones through that setup and what type of files are you playing?
I'm a wood worker so I always like to see a nice piece of wood saved if at all possible. I don't see a dye from a foam ear pad getting past the clear coat. If you don't have any Acetone try some nail polish remover which is basically acetone with some moisturizers for the skin. If you have to sand the clear coat to get it out you could use some clear nail polish to fill in the gaps.....I've done that in a pinch and it can look pretty nice if done properly.
Are these cans REALLY that good? I'm still making my way through this thread but I was about to go for a pair of Sennheiser HD 650.....but the X2 seems very intriguing.  I'm actually tempted to grab a pair of HM5 just for the pads although I DO want to hear them....the headphones could be re sold with out the second pads if they don't cut it. The ENTIRE reason I held off on the X1 was because of the non removable pads. Any word on how the HM5 pads change the sound? I'm on...
That looks like an unfinished maple. Try some Acetone before you pull out the sandpaper. If theres a clear coat or a satin poly you can safely sand it out but then you'll have to re-apply the poly.  About to pull the trigger on a pair of the X2......if Phillips doesn't have a proper fix for this I might hold off. Has anyone noticed any allergic reactions from the pads? Color bleeding doesn't seem right.....unless it's a very gentle water color
I haven't read through the entire thread yet.....what tips seem to work the best?   I'm about to order these from Japan soon and want to try a few different tips that work the best.   Besides normal tips I have Sony Hybrids and one pair of Comply so not much to choose from. 
So the IM-50 reproduces LOWER frequencies.....sounds like the better iem to long as it doesn't bleed into the lower midrange and has good seperation. Sennheiser CX-300 sounded no better to my ears than some VERY inexpensive iems I own. My Audio Technica CKM50 DESTROYED the CX-300 in every way and apparently the IM50 trump the CKM50 in every category Remember we all get used to a certain sound signature regardless of how accurate or bad sounding it's all...
Having Optical, Coaxial and USB in a DAC at this pricepoint is AMAZING! I was planning on buying a USB Modi and an Optical need for that now! This will  piss off ALOT of manufacturers....and quite possibly change the industry for the better. The Modi 2 UBER is REVOLUTIONARY and long overdue!!!!
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