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Sennheiser IE 80 for about $300-400 or 1964Ears 1964-Q for $262.50? 
Loving the PRaT of this track!
Yes they are. Been planning to make a visit there.. last time I visited there, I auditioned the HD650 + Valhalla combo. This time, I may demo the HD800 and Valhalla / Bifrost.  
Do they not have the EX1000? If not, the EX1000 is available at Sony Store @ Dubai Mall.      
Got an email! :)
I haven't heard the DT1350, but the P5 is like the opposite of the ER-4S. You should listen to them first.    
Not perfect, but whatever makes her happy, then why not? Ask her if she'd like something stylish. If she said yes, give her a stylish pair like the V-Moda M80.  Also, it would depend on her music tastes.    
The Shure SRH-940 would do this, but it would really need an amp. Rule is that, all full size headphones need some kind of external amplification to ensure maximum performance.  The 940 costs about $300, and there is one in the FS forum for $210. A good sub-$100 portable amp is the FiiO E11. Costs $60. Add $15 for Fiio's L9 LOD.    
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