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With the J$ pads on the DT 770/600, I think the sound is much more sibilant, and it lacks bass. With the velours, it is much smoother and the bass gets a nice improvement. 
I covered all the bass vents in the back of the cups. Just a single strip of tape. And I didn't actually cover the vents directly with felt, they were sticking on the screw part in the middle. Last night, I tried placing the Paper-Tak (again, similar to Blu-Tack) on the back of the drivers, and I lost all the bass. I tried placing it indirectly, but still on top of the back of the drivers, still no bass. 
I found the upper mids and highs veiled with that. With the tapes, the upper mids and highs are perfect.
Yeah.. and Facebook Search doesn't help. Even Google..    
Emirates Post had to send it back to Hong Kong, due to me not having a P.O. Box. Sadly, you either rent a PO box for quite a large price, or you have to put the PO Box of the nearest Post Office. Hope this time I get it right.
Last week, I received my Fostex T20 v2 from Kabeer (once again, thank you!). It was damped with sponge & cotton. With that, I found the mids slightly veiled (coming from a Hifiman HE-300). But I got used to it after a few hours. The sound was spectacular! Warm mids, deep and clean bass, and slightly rolled off highs.   Today, I redamped the T20 v2s with various materials. I used electrical tape to cover the vents, added heavy duty felt to the center (enough to cover...
Hello, fellow Head-fiers,     I am looking for a decent 1/4" to 1/8" plug adapter. I have one, but it is totally crap, with a very loose fit, and it makes me lose sound on one channel / pretty loud "spark" sound when adjusting either (1/4" or 1/8") end. 
My preferred sound signature is : clean, deep, impactful bass; smooth and natural mids, and smooth and extended treble. Preferrably a wide soundstage.
Edit : PM sent :P   Sonically, which is better?
I'm actually getting them new for half price. Actually, I can get a 50% discount for anything there, although I'm not sure if that passes on to the non-standard options.  
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