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Yes, by now there is a little more clarity in the midrange. It isn't as cloudy. Bass is still great but with a little more control. Treble is now present and less grainy, but there is still grain. And that hiss annoys me.. it isn't loud but its noticeable.
I just bought these last night. Out of the box, it was good, but the mids lacked detail and clarity and the bass was a little uncontrolled. 
IE80 vs Westone 3? Which is better for Rock, Jazz, 80's, Blues and Classical Piano?
They aren't too bad in comfort as well, in my opinion.    
How about in other areas such as soundstage and imaging?  
How does the Pro 900 compare to IEMs, namely the Sennheiser IE 80?
How does the IE 80 compare to full sized headphones, namely the Ultrasone Pro 900?
Glad you found your way back again to the audiophile world :)    
I just used Beyerdynamic JMoney pads on my Fostex T20 v2. Bass lost punch, sub-bass was rumblier, and mids lost intimacy. How do I bring back the forwardness of the mids and lose SOME of the bass rumble?
Probably, probably not, but this is what I'm hearing. Also, I've heard that J$'s build quality isn't the most consistent, so maybe I have a bad egg.    
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