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How does the ASG-1 do Rock music, compared to something like the TF10, or Grados? And how do they compare overall to the IE 80?
Saw a black & white AKG K 518 LE on the Dubai Metro yesterday, connected to a BlackBerry Torch. 
Meaning, they can be driven by portable amps running on 9v batteries?  My Porta Corda III drives the 600 ohm Beyerdynamics fine. Volumes tend to be at 2-3 o'clock at low gain.    
How does the black Canare Rev. 2 cable sound compared to the "Rev. 3"'s silver cable?
I don't know about Abu Dhabi, but Dubai sells these stuff.  Imagine Technologies:  [[SPOILER]]   Dubai Audio Center has Schiit gear, and very nice speakers / turntables / CDPs. They also have the high-end Sennheisers. Sharaf's DG+ has Cambridge Audio gear, and McIntosh gear. Audissey has Ultrasone, Audio Research, Cardas, and many more.
I'm really loving these now. At halfway between 8 to 9 o'clock (or 9 o'clock) on my iPod > LOD > Meier Porta Corda III rig, they sound warm, quite boring but just fine for background music. But at 10 o'clock, they became much much clearer. Everything is much more textured, especially vocals. They don't sound too warm anymore, rather - natural, detailed with a slightly dark tonality. Cymbals sound amazing on the IE 80 - perfect treble quantity for me, and with realistic...
Sounds quite similar with the EX1000. I didn't like it's bright treble and lack of bass punch. But the mids were so great..    
I agree.. this is why I don't like the JVC HA-FX 300. It has okay bass, decent mids but the treble is too harsh. Too bad, it's such a wonderful sound for a low price.    
Yes. They sound very impressive. Warm and detailed. It's so great for mellow vocal music, like James Ingram. Electronica sounds great as well. Are they similar in sound quality with the HD 650?    
The IE 80 just present music so smoothly. At times, I think the treble sparkle is a little bit too much to call it smooth, but that's just me. Sometimes I'd like it to be less present. But it's not sibilant or harsh.  Have been using them for about 15-20 hours now. Amping them brings more clarity, little more bass punch and very slightly less rumble. Still sounds good without an amp, though.
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