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Hello guys, I am wondering if I can get good portable headphone amps for my Denon AH-C260s (100 mW, 32 ohms). I would appreciate anything less than $100 (or maybe even less than $40, if possible), and worldwide shipping.
I was actually reading this while purchasing my Denons. They are really good for the price, compared to those Skullcandies (which I previously owned). Best budget IEMs.
I have already burned them in for 6 hours overnight(not including the playtime where I actually listened to these, which have accumulated 2 hours), and the harsh treble turned into soft, smooth, crisp treble.
Hi guys, this is my first post (and mini-review), I've been a lurker for quite a while around here, and after a new purchase of in-ears, I've decided to post a mini-review about them. I've been using Skullcandy Smokin' Buds for 5 months now (long before knowing about the world of audiophiles), and I'll compare the Denons to these.      Build: The Denon AH-C260 is much, much lighter and more comfortable than stock iPod buds and the Skullcandies, and its really...
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