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No, I did not have the 1.1s. Yes, the mids are already controlled, although they could use some veil-lifting.
Pretty much, yes. I am surprised as well. Just seeing the graph differences, I didn't expect a lot of changes. I expected much more upfront, lively and maybe fatiguing mids. But it may be more refined and much more neutral and maybe more natural. They won't impress you at your first listen, but just be patient.. they'll grow on you and you'll love them!   What did you experience with burn in? At what hour did you experience the most changes?
Here are my impressions of the ASG-1.2 at 20 hours. I am using the stock large dual-flange tips. -Strong, impressive, clean bass. Less body compared to the IE 80. -Warm (!), clear, detailed mids. I am shocked the first time I heard it. It is not what I thought it was when I was reading other's impressions. It is very clear and detailed and warmish, but not pronounced. -Treble is smooth and somewhat recessed. It is perfect for long-term listening. For me, quantity is...
I have just received my ASG-1.2. Beware. Lol, kidding. I'll post impressions later!
I tried aroldan's build 3 days ago, battery life suffered a lot, so I switched back to Rockbox r31516-120101. Much more stable, IMO.
From what I read, the Blue Dragon ups the bass quantity, and the Silver Dragon ups the treble a little too much.
Has anyone tried these IEMs? I got them free from a voucher and.. they sound pretty good for the price. Warm & bassy IEMs with slightly recessed mids and treble. Pretty okay for fun listening.
My ASG-1.2s are not yet arriving; it's been 13 days..
Really? I find her to be quite a good singer. Maybe it's that specific song. I didn't find her voice to be as smooth on the chorus..   
Guys, you should listen to this song (in FLAC). It sounds incredible with the IE 80s!
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