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V.V. & Sons Professional has the M50s along with other DJ cans. You can visit their website to get their contact details / showroom location.
Just listened to the live version of Silent Knight; my ratings still stay the same.
Aurisonics ASG-1 10.5/11 for Speed. Feels like a better source and amp could push them a little more. 4.5/5 for Instrument Separation. 5/5 for Reverb. I used a different track for this (Frank Sinatra's "The Lady is A Tramp [Live]), and I actually heard echoes of Sinatra's voice.. I had goosebumps when I heard it.
I think the IE 8 is more distant with vocals compared to the HD650.
What frequencies do you EQ? My settings are: 2000 Hz : 1.5 dB / 4000 Hz : 2.0 dB / 5000 Hz : 2.0 dB / 8000 Hz : 2.0 dB / 12000 Hz : 5.0 dB / 16000 Hz : 5.5 dB
Try "Since I've Been Loving You" by Led Zeppelin. 
Coming from the IE80's, when I first heard them, I thought they were pretty similar. Although the ASG-1.2 had less treble and less air, but better mids and bass. I thought it was burn in.. so I gave them 20 hours, and I still found the same differences. The ASG-1.2 is much more neutral, which is more suited for it's original purpose. The IE 80 had a more fun sound, with slightly bigger bass and more treble and air, plus a larger soundstage. 
Take a picture, please. :P Also, I remember someone posted a picture on how to wear them properly on the now-locked Aurisonics impressions thread..
Can anyone test out the new build? Especially battery life; I had a 1 hour battery life on my previous build (1205xx) before reverting to the early build.
Not really veiled, but when ASG-1 and ASG-1.1 reviews speak about incredibly energetic, clear and forward mids.. The 1.2 has a tamer midrange. Not really veiled like the Sennheiser IE 8.
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