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Took me a little while.. I enjoyed them too much. ;D (Oh and sorry, the font may be a bit messed up.) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Aurisonics ASG-1 Revision 2 Review Introduction        First of all, I’d like to thank Dale and Josh of Aurisonics for giving me the kind opportunity to allow me to review these IEMs.   Hello, fellow Head-fiers. I am here to present a...
Marshall Major at Dubai Airport T3.
I think it's black.
Are all Aurisonics stock cables like that? Are there any stock cables out there that fits the recessed plugs of the ASG-1 but doesn't oxidize too fast?
Why is it like that? :/
The cables above the Y-split are oxidizing in my pair, yet the cable below the Y-split is still good as new. Can anyone explain why?
I think it depends on the genre. On Rock, it sure still does, for me. I find it to be too thick on the guitars without EQ. On the other hand, Bossa Nova is fine without EQ, although it can make the sound more airy (great for female vocals), I don't really need it for low level listening in public.
I'm guessing it'll fit at the area near the red/blue dots in the shell?
I asked Dale about the upgrade from ASG-1 to ASG-2, he said that the ASG-2 will use the same shell as the ASG-1. Personally, I think it needs a larger shell than the ASG-1. Though I haven't seen a BA driver in real life, so it may actually fit the ASG-1 shell.
Yesterday, I saw a white Sennheiser CX-series IEM in the morning and a Sony XB500 in the afternoon.
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