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  I have had my SM3s (V1) for nearly 2 years now as well, mine have held up perfectly in that time.  Cheers to a fantastic IEM!
I think the price is decent, but Crawfords is not an authorized seller, so no manufacturer warranty (IIRC).
Bumping this, I would really appreciate if anyone has any insight onto this subject matter!  I do a lot of my listening off of my computer, so if I am really missing out just running off of the HTO striker card I would love to know so I can rectify this situation.     EDIT:  And I was looking at the micca store and they have a couple special offers, where a FiiO E7 + E9 = $200 w/ a free Fiio cable of choice, this seems to be a good deal to me if I were to upgrade from my...
I am also curious to this, as I have the same sound card and also use the M50s.  I have read a couple reviews that say it is not the best for music (it must be much better than onboard sound I would think though!), however would the difference between this card and using the E7 be appreciable or negligible?    
    Sorry, I have the V1s.  Though based on the pictures posted by Google (and linked by shane, thanks!) I believe I have the wider-bore tips, even though the tips there seem to be of a lighter color the bore size on the tips look the same.  Unless the difference in bore size is hard to tell from pictures I'm quite sure I have the new ones, thanks!
I am curious as to these new biflange tips, however I'm not sure which ones I have in the first place.  I ordered my SM3s in early May from (through amazon), and I received 2 pairs of what seem to be identical grey silicone tips.  The openings appear to be fairly wide, given that I ordered them relatively recently would it be safe to assume I have the wide-bore tips?  Thanks!    
  ^ lol that was pretty funny.  That said, I am mildly curious about this question myself as I am also looking at potentially getting an amp/dac for my ATH-M50.    
The beauty of sound interpretation being subjective :)    
Glad to hear you found something that worked for you!  I'm even more glad that it was the SM3! lol.  I must say I mentioned before I tested between the SM3/TF10/MTPC and I liked the SM3 hands down over the others and this just makes me ever more confident in my decision (I don't have the funds to test out all those other phones).  Also, that song you posted is definitely amazing!  Enjoy your Sm3s and thanks again for all the work you put in!
Nah, I had ordered a pair of MTPCs off of Amazon to try out and I couldn't find a good fit with any of the included tips.  Only thing that came remotely close was the smallest regular silicone and even then it wasn't that comfortable and I was definitely losing SQ compared to the super tips.    
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