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  Heya,   If you're getting the 250ohm then the Fiio E11 is a perfect match. Great combination for your needs.   Amazon prices fluctuate based on demand. The 80ohm is more popular, for whatever reason, so it's price gets gouged from the holidays. It will drop again. All these headphones used to run around $150 new. Since November or so prices went up with holidays.   Very best,
  If the framing is black, it might be the PRO version which is 250ohm.   Very best,
  Heya,   The different imepdances of the DT770 PRO's are not a big deal. It's over-stated here that they're different when it's extremely subtle in reality. I would suggest you get the cheapest version of the DT770 if you can power all impedances. If you need it to be without an amplifier, then shoot for the 32ohm. The 80ohm and 250ohm need amplification to behave properly (which adds to cost of course). If you already have a competent amplifier, then just get the...
  What monitors are you using?   Very best,
Heya,   The drivers shouldn't be different. The voice coil is where they are introducing the impedance flavor. Beyer marks the impedance on the TRS termination of the stock cable. If you have none of this to go by, you can probably figure it out just by playing it back on various devices and seeing if it requires a lot of voltage to produce sound or not. If it plays back effortlessly with extended bass off a cell phone for example it's probably 32ohm. If it's harder...
  Heya,   The E10 has a 3.5mm female line-out, that you can output to another device or to a stereo or whatever else that has inputs for speakers if you wanted to.   Very best,
  Heya,   Beyer DT770 AKG K167 Ultrasone DJ1   Very best,
Heya,   Sounds like you need a headphone that is competent with low frequency, isolating, and built to take a beating.   I would have you consider:   Beyer DT770 PRO (32ohm or 80ohm) Beyer Custom One Pro Brainwavz HM5 Ultrasone HFI 580   Match with that Fiio E11 for some extra bassy goodness (EQ set to 2) and some great volume control from any source.   Very best,
  Heya,   The DT880 is a fine choice. It's again, over-stated, the differences. Unless you're into the last 1%, in which case you'd probably be seeking a $5k setup instead, it's not going to be a difference that you would really need to worry about. It's an excellent headphone. But if you're still worried, then by all means, keep looking.   I would absolutely look towards a new DAC/AMP setup; something with a lot more room to expand into more headphone options.   Even a...
Heya,   Right here.   Very best,
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