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  Heya,   Since they're powered monitors (active), you're just using line-level output from the DAC (the E10) to send a signal. You're not losing quality by going from 3.5mm TRS to dual 1/4th TRS. You can get a 3.5mm male to dual 1/4th males for this no problem. You can also use 3.5mm male TRS to dual XLR male since your monitors have both XLR and TRS.   Cables you could use:   3.5mm to dual 6.3mm 3.5mm to dual 6.3mm 3.5mm to dual 6.3mm 3.5mm to dual male XLR 3.5mm to...
Heya,   Guess I have had completely different experiences than you gentlemen.   The 325i with G-cush pads for me was an absolute hot mess of crazy hot treble, weird mids, and a void of low frequencies that just hurt your ears with it's sonic daggers and had no bottom end to warm anything up. I had to heavily equalize to return the sound to anything resembling balanced or even listenable for me, as it was just absolutely crazy hot treble, hissy, spiked to all get...
Heya,   Easily the AT A900X.   Very best,
  Heya,   KRK KNS 6400 KRK KNS 8400 AKG K271 MKII AKG K240 MKII   Very best,
  I found G-cush to be the only comfortable way to wear a Grado. They didn't press on my ears. Never heard of someone modding the G-cush to be more comfortable really. Are they too rigid for you? Scratchy or something? Maybe just cut a ring of felt or velor like material and only put it on the edge of the G-cush lip where it will touch your head.   Very best,
Heya,   For what you're after, the DT770 PRO (any impedance) or the AKG K167 would be my picks in that price range.   Very best,
    Heya,   The 80ohm & 250ohm with the Fiio E11 is fine. It can power both no problem. i-Device DACs are decent, I wouldn't stress on which is better. The biggest factor of your quality is going to be source music quality, then headphone, then amplifier, with DAC being the last and least of your concern in that chain. Based on your descriptions, I think the 250ohm with the E11 would be best for you over-all, and use it from any source you want and just try things and see...
  Heya,   If you're getting the 250ohm then the Fiio E11 is a perfect match. Great combination for your needs.   Amazon prices fluctuate based on demand. The 80ohm is more popular, for whatever reason, so it's price gets gouged from the holidays. It will drop again. All these headphones used to run around $150 new. Since November or so prices went up with holidays.   Very best,
  If the framing is black, it might be the PRO version which is 250ohm.   Very best,
  Heya,   The different imepdances of the DT770 PRO's are not a big deal. It's over-stated here that they're different when it's extremely subtle in reality. I would suggest you get the cheapest version of the DT770 if you can power all impedances. If you need it to be without an amplifier, then shoot for the 32ohm. The 80ohm and 250ohm need amplification to behave properly (which adds to cost of course). If you already have a competent amplifier, then just get the...
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