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 The E10 is a USB dac/amp. Very best,
 Heya, True, it's possible that technically the UPA-200 is "quieter" but tech specs and real world listening are two different things. Unfortunately I don't have a UPA-200 to test to verify. Would be interesting to find out though. Very best,
 Heya, Noise will come down to it's gain multiplier. You'd have to consult the manual. If it has a low gain multiplier, but more current output, then it probably has the same noise as the mini-X, but will simply gain volume faster. If it has a higher gain multiplier, it will be noisier. UPA200 is 29dB gain.Mini-X doesn't have it's value in it's manual. Very best,
 Heya, It could work, but you would need something like a resistor inline for that. 125 watts is just too much for the HE500. The HE500 is fairly efficient, relative to the HE-6. The UPA-200 is more inline with what people use with the HE-6 (upwards of seeing someone using 200 watt monoblocks... but that's just crazy, even though it works). 50 watts is already pushing it, with the HE500. It's just not that insensitive. 125 watts is going to leave you with very little...
 Heya, Schiit LyrSchiit AsgardMatrix M-StageAudioGD 15.32JDS Labs Objective 2 A speaker amp... Really, the HE400 is an efficient headphone. It doesn't take much to drive it to it's full potential. Go for the device that has the features and range you want, and think about the future, and buy accordingly. Very best,
Heya,   Grados have a very limited sound stage, so that's no help there. The Prestige line has a notoriously small sound stage.   The K240 has an ok soundstage, for a semi-open. But far from being "wide open."   The HD280 PRO is completely closed. Not going to get a wide sound stage there.   The HD580 has a good soundstage. You considered that "mono" to an effect?   Look for a used AudioTechnica AD900X or used AKG K702/Q701.   Or if your budget permits, or if...
Heya,   Firstly, understand that no headphone will ever reproduce the soundstage of speakers. They simply can't. It's a physical thing. No post-processing can truly mimic it yet.    Next, the only way to even come close to what you're looking for is with open air headphones and they have to have the widest sound stages. In general, you'll find them in the mid-tier to high-end arenas.   What specifically have you tried already?   Very best,
Heya,   AGK K267 Denon D600 AudioTechnica A900X Mr Speakers Mad Dogs   Very best,
Heya,   All "surround" sound with a headphone is completely emulated. Again, we're always using two drivers, so it's never ever going to be truly surround sound (5.1 or 7.1 as marketed which is utterly false, especially since it's ridiculous that the .1 in the category actually represents LFE for a subwoofer which clearly a headphone does not possess). Regardless of it being a "headset" or "gaming headset" or a random headphone, or even a high-end $1,000 headphone or...
Heya,   I wouldn't call any of them "bass monsters." Simply emphasized bass, more than neutral. But hardly "monsters." That's internet exaggeration.   The 80ohm and 250ohm DT770 are essentially the same. They are the same headphone. One simply has more resistance applied at the voice coils to be used with higher voltage sources in studios or at home. They otherwise sound virtually the same, other than the interaction difference that the amplifiers have due to operating...
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