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Heya,   Given the choice, I would take the DT880 every time. The HD598 is a good headphone, but frankly, I would prefer to have a headphone that can perform low frequencies as well as it's other frequencies. The DT880 does that. The HD598, at least to me, lacks in the low frequencies.   Another player to add to this line up is the Hifiman HE-300. It will be $150 from Head Direct from Friday to Monday.   Very best,
Heya,   The container file (the "file type") doesn't matter. What matters is the compression (if any) level (you prefer little to none, lossless), and the codec used--not all compression techniques are as good as others. There is more than one MP3 codec, by the way. They're not equal.   Directly from CD to FLAC with lossless level compression is a good way to go to keep it simple.   Don't worry about file types.   Very best,
Heya,   Thing is, if this is for games, the STX is not as good as the Sound Blaster Zx for gaming. Gaming is about positional audio. All these cards will deliver very high quality sound to begin with, their DAC chipsets and implementation are far from being poor. The DAC shouldn't even be a question frankly. The onboard amplifier of the soundcard barely, barely matters here too. We're talking about the MA900, which is extremely efficient and doesn't even need an...
Heya,   I almost forgot, for a bit more, you could stretch to the Shure SRH1540. No amp needed there.   Very best,
Heya,   Are you building this machine for gaming?   Overall your audio selections are fine. If you need to game, maybe consider a different sound card. Frankly you don't need the STX for what you've selected (the MA900 doesn't need an amplifier at all, and those 1080IV2's are active monitors, they are just going to receive line out from something else, like your soundcard--so a lot of the STX isn't going to be used, since you're paying for it's onboard...
Heya,   Welcome Todd.   Hope you have a lot of strong will and an eye of scrutiny, or tons of recreational cash. Very best,
Heya,   Hifiman HE-300, latest revision, will be $150 from Black Friday through Cyber Monday.   Very best,
 Heya, The Vali will handle the HE400 nicely. It will frankly handle almost all headphones just fine except for a few very insensitive ones. Whether I like the HD650 or not, well, doesn't really matter :) Very best,
Heya,   Without amplification? It will run, contrary to tons of belief. I've ran it from a cellphone. It's better with an amp. But I think there's a lot of misinformation that this headphone needs serious power to do well. The Fiio E10 seems to power it just fine to my ears, let alone something more powerful (yes it sounds a little different with higher powered sources, but I think it's overstated that it's necessary to sound good).   Very best,
Heya,   What are you looking to have different? The O2 covers your solid state needs. Everything in the $400 and under area is mostly just going to be a different flavor, but not really make anything "better" beyond simply giving you another flavor to taste to expand your preferences.   If you really wanted to branch out, try a tube. The new Schiit Vali would be more an attractive option than the Asgard at this point since you already have the O2. Alternatively in the...
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