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 I dabble in a lot of speakers. Haven't heard those. But I will say, with no experience, that they're likely junk. If you want speaker help, many of us can help. Just give us a budget, and the purpose of the speakers you're looking for, and the size room (if applicable) you want to use them in. Also include how you want it to sound (there's a big difference between a reference near field setup, and someone looking to DJ some dub-step at their house in a basement). Very best,
Heya,   You will not find many, if any, "pre-amps" that are portable. And subsequently, you do not need an amplifier, at all, for the Uptowns.   The price of any devices that you have been convinced that you need, are better spent on better headphones.   Very best,
 Heya, Inexpensive fix that works on virtually all headphones headbands. I use them on all my headphones. Very best,
Heya,   So you want something over-ear that seals and has passive isolation, with a similar character to the Grado's prestige line.   I don't see a budget listed, so my options are going to just be based on the listed criteria, loosely (as there's no such thing as a closed Grado). I find what characterizes Grado sound signature (of the Prestige line) is aggressive attack, unbridled mids & treble, not a lot of sub-bass, not overly done mid-bass, limited sound stage to...
Heya,   Take everything with scrutiny, believe nothing until you hear it yourself, understand that virtually everything is exaggerated to the point of silliness, seek tons of education on what everything is and means before you read and try to process this craziness, and tread carefully.   Or, be ready to throw tons and tons of disposable income at this hobby and be prepared to not regret it.   Very best,
Heya,   I think the Glow One outputs only 600mW for headphones maximum @ 32ohms. So at the higher impedance of the LCD2, it will output even less current. For speakers it outputs 5 watts maximum, so even if you use taps, it translates to being just a few milliwatts again.   I wouldn't get that for an ortho.   Look into speaker amps in the 40~50 watt at 8ohm range for a good level of current output. Match with a nice tube DAC, if you want tubes involved.   Very best,
Heya,   The PRO900 is awful, unless you really like super spiked treble that is piercing and really hot and tizzy. It's certainly a bass canon with gobs of mid-bass, but it's not that impressive when it comes to just sub-bass. It's mids are lost completely and it's treble just is completely out of control. Otherwise, beautiful headphone, really good build quality and comfortable. When I first bought mine, I wanted to like it, but just couldn't. It's just not what a...
Heya,   Shure SRH1540 Denon D600 (or D7100 if you can find a used one)   Very best,
 Heya, I used a tube pre-amp and now just use a tube dac which utilizes a tube based pre-amp output stage that delivers the line level signal to the Emotiva. It adds warmth and it's very smooth and soothing. Not a treble monster at all. But not dull either. Very best,
Heya,   Loudness isn't the only thing amps do. Some frequencies require less energy than others to produce. The 250ohm Beyer DT880 is not that difficult to drive. You'll find that it's bright on any source. You'll generally hear the mids/treble without much effort on even a cellphone. The difference shows up when amplified regarding the lower frequencies which require more energy to generate properly, and control.   If you want to know what I mean, take a bassy song...
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