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 Heya, Correct. They're generic. But the headband works great. I use these on my Hifimans, Denons and Beyers. Fits them all just fine. Snaps on. Snaps off. Adds a whole new set of padding. Very comfortable. Takes pin point pressure off your scalp. Very best,
 Nope. Both will easily drive virtually all headphones. The NFB series will drive planar magnetics better, if that's in your future. The Vali will drive all other headphones just fine, except a select few (and of those select few, all of which happen to be planar magnetics). Very best,
Heya,   Schiit Modi Schiit Vali (very affordable total tube setup, hybrid)   Audio GD NFB 12, 15.32, etc (any version)   Very best,
Heya,   Very weird. Reference quality for rap/hip-hop, and a budget that is a factor of 9's. Just out of curiosity, Indian?   Anyways, look to: AKG K550 AKG K271 MKII SoundMAGIC HP100 Shure SRH840 Sony MDR1R AudioTechnica A900X   Very best,
 Heya, The "DAC" does not do this. At all. A DAC merely renders 0's an 1's to a sine wave. It doesn't do positional anything. What the signal is, and how it's processed prior to analog conversion is what's doing that. Positional audio is emulated by software. This processing is applied to the signal before conversion to analog and sent to your headphones/speakers. This literally limits you to using a soundcard, as that's the only way to have emulated surround sound. The...
Heya,   1) Planar tech is old. It just makes come backs now and then. It's a very interesting sound however, and if it suits you, then great. I definitely suits me.   2) If you've auditioned "high end" speakers, and never heard detail like from the HE400, then I frankly question what you call "high end" speakers. My definition is something along the lines of unobtainable $12k+ as an entry point, upwards of $50~60k. Beware using the word "high end" on anything in audio,...
Heya,   How about you ignore what you've "heard" (because frankly, I would advise against both headphones unless your budget is $50~60 tops).   Instead, I would suggest the following:   Budget? (maximum including all potential toys required) Purpose? (portable or not) Open or closed (isolation, or not)? Genres? Quality of media being played (ie, don't bother getting higher end stuff if you're playing low quality MP3 or youtube rips)? Character of sound...
 I dabble in a lot of speakers. Haven't heard those. But I will say, with no experience, that they're likely junk. If you want speaker help, many of us can help. Just give us a budget, and the purpose of the speakers you're looking for, and the size room (if applicable) you want to use them in. Also include how you want it to sound (there's a big difference between a reference near field setup, and someone looking to DJ some dub-step at their house in a basement). Very best,
Heya,   You will not find many, if any, "pre-amps" that are portable. And subsequently, you do not need an amplifier, at all, for the Uptowns.   The price of any devices that you have been convinced that you need, are better spent on better headphones.   Very best,
 Heya, Inexpensive fix that works on virtually all headphones headbands. I use them on all my headphones. Very best,
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