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Heya, The e10 is an amp, and plenty for what you have. No need to buy anything. Very best,
 Heya, You do not need a resistor adapter of any kind of the Hifiman headphones that are low on sensitivity, like the HE-500 and especially the HE-6. The HE-6 is so insensitive that it is the very reason some of us looked to speaker amps instead of headphone amps to get raw current throughput. For the HE500, HE4, HE6, all you need is a cable with 4 banana plugs terminated on it or an adapter with banana plugs terminated on it, and an interface that receives whatever cable...
 Proof is in the pudding. Also, the amp doesn't see nor care what loads it's given. It either can handle the current and has enough thermal regulation to do so, or it burns up. Giving it a 500ohm load just reduces it's current output. Sounds great. I hooked it up to my 600ohm DT770's for a 1100ohm resistance total. Still sounded great. Very best,
 Heya, The Uptowns do not have boomy bass at all. Sound quality wise, they're pretty good for their cost. A warm sound, slight V response shape in terms of frequency response. Not terribly bright. Not bassy and boomy, but not neutral. A warm side of a gentle V would probably describe it well. It's weakest point is its cable, which is very short, flat, not durable and the weakest part of the whole thing. Otherwise, very nice headphone since you can find it for like $75...
Heya,   AudioTechnica T500 NVX XPT100 AKG K271 MKII   Very best,
 NO. Very best,
Heya,   I would nab a Fiio E10. Forget sound cards. Keep it completely mobile and useful that way if you want. Great little device.   For a headphone, look into:   AudioTechnica AD900X Sony MA900 Beyer DT880 32ohm or PRO 250ohm (assuming you get something like the E10 or a sound card, it's easy to drive regardless of it's impedance rating) Hifiman HE-300's (used can fetch an incredible price, look for latest revision only, not first revision) AKG K240...
Heya,   HD558 for value. Read up on mods, as this is a popular headphone with a lot of potential.   Alternatively, there are a lot of other headphones that are as good, and some better, than Sennheiser. Do you really have to get only one of these three?   Frankly if you're in this budget range, I would argue for a used mid-tier headphone. You get way more headphone for your dollar that way. A used Sony MA900 or AudioTechnica AD900X comes to mind.   Very best,
Hrm,   Tempting.   Great price on a very, very good unit. I would argue probably one of the best sources for the dollar, universally, as it covers everything from ortho to balanced and back to the simplest of things.   Good luck on sale. Shameless plug as this is a serous buy for someone. If I was not already very content, I would be buying this from you.   Very best,
 Heya, You can get away with running the HE400 without the resistor. However, it's a very efficient headphone. You get minimal volume control before it gets loud fast. So I suggest using a resistor, if you're using a 50 wpc amplifier. If you were using a 10~20 wpc amplifier you probably wouldn't need the resistor as this is more along the lines of output that a high powered headamp would perform. But the big difference is gain. Speaker amps have gain values because they're...
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