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Heya,   Lots of experience with the T70. Here's my review of the 250ohm version.   Note, the T70P doesn't need much, if any, amplification. It's meant to run from portable devices. The 250ohm version needs a little minor amplification.   The T70 is very, very different from the DT line of Beyer headphones. The T70 is probably the weirdest Beyer that doesn't sound much like a Beyer (to me at least) out of their line up. But that's merely my opinion.   Very best,
Heya,   The COP is easier to drive, doesn't need an extra amp or anything, and is bassier when set to it's highest setting. The trade off is that it's a dark headphone (treble is rolled off) and it's mids are very recessed (more so than the DT770) and the sound stage is just not very good for a headphone of this price range. It's otherwise built well, good features. They just really dropped the ball on the mids/soundstage of this headphone.   I would look more to the...
Heya,   DT880 - Balanced, warm neutral, with some sparkle in the treble. DT990 - Bassy and bright.   Both are very comfortable. PRO versions have a little more clamp pressure from the headband.   You do not need the 600ohm versions. It's beyond overstated that they're any different from their 250ohm variants. It's the same headphone with more resistance added at the voice coils. The sonic differences are due to interplay with different amplifiers at these different...
 Not really, no. I would get what you think you would need for long term to handle any headphone you may end up with in the future. You only need to get a single dac/amp setup for most of your life honestly until formats change many decades later (like if usb or optical suddenly were literally gone in the next 50 years, then you'd have to get something new maybe to keep up with current interfaces in the digital world). It's an investment. You can use any headphone with it....
 Heya, It would be ideal, yes. But you need that anyways, regardless of what headphone(s) you end up with. So getting something that is very universal and covers all bases means it's not your bottleneck so you can focus on just trying headphones. See links given to you already. Very best,
 Heya, Look to the "Meet" forum on the main forum listing. Post there, or search for something in NC and get in contact with people (PM) who you see from your state with the headphone(s) you're interesting in checking out. Otherwise, buy from a place that allows no-question-asked returns. Amazon does this (if the seller is Amazon, LLC, not always with a third party vending through Amazon). HeadRoom also does this. If you don't like how it sounds, send it back, get a...
 Heya, Denon D600Vmoda M100Logitech UE6000AKG K267 Very best,
Heya,   Very cool thanks for that.   If we get verification on it and the balanced part info, I'll be happy to link this on the first post for future use to make this ultra easy.   Very best,
 Where do you live in the world? Look at the meets forum too. Find something local, or something you can drive to reasonably. Very best,
 Heya, I have extreme interest in seeing this. Very best,
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