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Heya,   What's your budget? Do you want bright treble, or normal treble? Do you want some extra bass, or gobs of extra bass? Or do you want it to be fairly neutral but capable? Does it need to be closed back or do you want open air? What will you be plugging these into to listen? For home use or portable use?   Very best,
Heya,   Sansa Clip+ ?   Very best,
Heya,   Sony MA900 AudioTechnica AD900X Beyer DT880 32ohm Hifiman HE-300 rev 2   Very best,
Heya,   Depends on what you want to hear.   Very best,
Heya,   Let's simplify it.   MB42X LP-2020A+   Wire it up. Listen.   Very best,
Heya, The AV40's are hardly big. But if that's big to you, you will be severely hampered with choice as the size of the speaker cabinet (internal volume) and diameter of the diaphragm getting smaller and smaller means less and less low frequency performance. Small speakers are horrible in my opinion, as you're listening to upper mids and treble and that's it. I would just use headphones. If size and space is an issue, and you have neighbors, then maybe speakers are not...
Heya,   Total budget? And do you want a headphone setup that has emphasized bass? Or do you just want it to perform the bass that the track has recorded (ie, neutral, true to the recording)? And if you want emphasized bass, how much? Gobs? Can't get enough bass? Or just a wee bit more than something neutral?   Depending on your answer(s), I would suggest a few phones (disregarding budget until you specify):   Hifiman HE-400 - Relatively warm neutral, not super...
Heya, The e10 is an amp, and plenty for what you have. No need to buy anything. Very best,
 Heya, You do not need a resistor adapter of any kind of the Hifiman headphones that are low on sensitivity, like the HE-500 and especially the HE-6. The HE-6 is so insensitive that it is the very reason some of us looked to speaker amps instead of headphone amps to get raw current throughput. For the HE500, HE4, HE6, all you need is a cable with 4 banana plugs terminated on it or an adapter with banana plugs terminated on it, and an interface that receives whatever cable...
 Proof is in the pudding. Also, the amp doesn't see nor care what loads it's given. It either can handle the current and has enough thermal regulation to do so, or it burns up. Giving it a 500ohm load just reduces it's current output. Sounds great. I hooked it up to my 600ohm DT770's for a 1100ohm resistance total. Still sounded great. Very best,
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