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  5312024 soocha2 (ordered 4/20/11, rec'd 4/25/11) 5312035 daveathall (bought 18/05/11 in UK) 5312038 clabbe (ordered 4/11/11, arrived 4/20/11) 5312046 - rrrango - Ordered thru ALO audio on 4/19, arrived on 4/26 in Taiwan. 5312049 GilSt (ordered 5/1/11, received 5/6/11, new foam,cable, not sure about the grill) 5312062 bbophead (ordered 4/21/11, paid 4/22/11, received 4/26/11) 5312142 Balmoral 5312143 Gitfinger  (ordered 20th April,2011, paid 26th April,...
Help!! I'm stuck in the lobby of the waterfront hotel and no_one knows anything about the meet. If someone gets this message I'm the guy in the canucks shirt
Help!! I'm stuck in the lobby off the waterfront hotel and not_one knows anything about the meet. If someone gets this message I'm the guy in the canucks shirt
Glad I stumbled over this thread.   My Schiit Lyr was sent on Monday, hope it arrives in time! See you on the 5th.....
FYI Mullard CV2492's on eBay. There are 10 of these, won't need all 10  Anyone fancy on going in with me so we don't end up forcing up the price unduly   http://cgi.ebay.ca/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=220790590148&rvr_id=236694812644&clk_rvr_id=236694812644&mfe=sidebar
Been Lurking and Learning from Scary and Jamato, et al and have just received notice of my Lyr being shipped. I already have a pair of cryo 6N23P to slot in. How much better would Mullard CV2492 from 1971 sound? Maybe earlier tubes sound better? Would anyone recommend bedding in the Lyr with the stock tubes first or the cryo's?  
Just want to jump in and introduce myself.... Just became an already satisfied owner of this very fine piece of fun. Started listening to Gino Vanelli's Wild Horses on my Linn Sondek LP12, never enjoyed so much, now Nirvana - nevermind MFSL ultradisk on playstation 3, not much missing to my ears!!   And I received these ortho's within a week and a half. Thank you Audez'e, I'm under your spell.
New Posts  All Forums: