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Beyerdynamic rep tells me the DT1350 is due for an upgrade. No details as yet but said sometime in 2015.
Did a cable switch from the 2 meter stock cable with the standard 1.5 meter hd25 cable.   2 meters is way too long for most applications. 
like to add they drive great straight out of a portable. Much better than the lower impedance Dt1350.The Earpads are soo ridiculously comfortable could wear them for hours on end. On top of the fact they isolate MUCH better than the HD25 and almost on on parity with the Beyers.As far as supraaurals go, they're a must try
I own the HD25, HD25 amperior, HD25 Aluminium, Beyer DT1350 and HD26 PRO.HD26 wins in my book. Terrific mids. Better treble with well extended bass superb isolation & comfort.
 Do they drive well straight out of a portable?
What country you in?
Do you notice any difference in the clamping force between the facelift and previous models?
The aluminium hd25's Earpads are soo much better than the standard pleather. They seal brilliantly and way comfier.
Yeah was thinking getting a second pair (facelift) but after hearing the base is worse decided to get the original on ebay. I also prefer the headband styling compared to the facelift.
Does anyone know where I can purchase the larger Earpads from the facelift model?
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