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I just did a burn in with my Vita for my AUD-5X and the battery died at 14 hrs.... if you call that "not alot" i dont know what is alot, that support a 5 inch OLED...
That Vita screen is Super!!!!!
  that mine :D
  Now all i need is an AMP :D someone recommend me one please :D
hehehe :D thx Joe
  They are coming tomorrow :D
You are right they are items that is made in UK and far far inferior to china goods, its standard :D
  1st post huh ? welcome to the forum....   But here is the thing.... all these people spend hundreds of dollar for their pair for IEMs, HUNDREDS, and they got a bad customer service... if she know something is happening she should reply to emails and phone calls, in MOST case she didn't.... therefore you think spending HUNDREDS of dollar for customer service like that ? No THANK YOU  
^^^^^^ PROOF i wasnt lieing :D
Normal "Tide detergent" hot wash, High heat for drying
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