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Moving down to Norfolk in a month or so.
Beta, but still waiting for option to place the order :P
I'm in, eagerly awaiting it now.  I'll post impressions asap.
I'll be stopping in tomorrow with some friends of mine if anyone else wants to meet up.
^I was about to ask this exact same question. That's good to hear.  It's looking like I won't be able to make it on Saturday, (Sunday for sure though).  Anyone else in this same situation?  I'll be bringing my brand new T1's if anyone want's to give them a listen.
^this^ I'm definitely interested to find out about this as I'm seriously considering using the 105 as my source.
This meet is going to be awesome!!!!!   
For those who are coming so far, I am currently hoping to hear the following 2 combos: LCD-x and WA5 as well as BHSE and SR007mk2.  Do we have anyone bringing any elements of those setups yet? I'm currently building a T2, but I don't think I'll have it finished and cased up by the time this meet comes around.
Can't be certain if I'll have off that weekend, but if I do, expect me to my Amperiors or my HD650's.  I'm really excited for this and I'm looking forward for this opportunity to test out the majority of my choices for my next setup. Do we know yet if HeadAmp or Woo Audio will be attending?  Also, in addition to members attending, could we get a "Gear Attending" list setup?
I should be able to come. If I can arrange the transportation, I'll be bringing HD650, Amperior, HM-602, and some CD's. The last time I went to a meet, someone had an LCD-3 and a T1 hooked up to a WA6SE that was awesome.  Whoever that was, please bring it all back.
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