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Spray paint your HE-500 paint @@ 
For $90 difference, I would grab the DT880, and spend $190 on a DAC/AMP. That's enough money for an Objective DAC/2 stack, or a Schitt (Oh you said you didn't want that), *so no FiiO seriously?*, an Audio-GD NFB 12 or 15, an Aune T1, and the list continues...   Then later get the HD600. And the AKG 701 eventually. A Grado RS1 can go for ~$400 used, and a Denon D2k or D5k too so you get a closed headphone. Then since you are already spending in the couple-hundreds range,...
  I need to add however, that neither of these headphones will give you bass as deep as the GR07. Back in those days audiophiles were just not as concerned about that kind of subbass extension (my own speculation) but the GR07 reaches lower than both of them.
 I've heard all three. I reckon the DT880 sounds closer to the GR07. You also get all ticks for your definition of "Pleasant". The HD600's are more warm and involving sounding with less clarity, good sound-stage that is involving but smaller and not as expansive than the DT880, detailed enough but the DT880 accentuates it, BUT I liked the Senn's for all genres instead of the Beyers. Last point is pretty subjective however so you can decide. Disclaimer: Heard all three,...
Did deal with seller for his TF10 and he was sharply on time. He did claim that his phone was malfunctioning or something however. Sorry for your loss mate H20.
 That is very, very good work!
Is it worth upgrading from a La Figaro 339 to a little dot mkvi or mkviii to take advantage of my balanced DAC? My heapdhones are recabled balanced as well.
 Audio GD NFB10 here as well *wave* but mine is the 10.2 with wolfson chips Then occasionally through my La Figaro 339
 Budget, budget my friend.
Guys anyone reckons I should opt for a balanced tube amp (most likely a little dot) to use the full potential of my balanced dac or not? My headphones are all balanced already and I've been using an adapter with the 339 for some time.
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