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 Was driving my boss when he told me to 'Chuck a U-banger'
UNSW's got a fairly small but tight network of HeadFiers :D
 Sounds colder, more refined (less grainy kind of feel), and not as emotional/involving mids. p.s. Thanks for helping me and Lin out mate.
Have you tried ?
Guys need help identifying a pair of Grado headphones without labels.   Seems like a 325 or ms2? The PS500 (PS1 !!!!) don't seem to have those grooves.
 Wholeheartedly agree
 I remember listening to a 407 or 507 (or 307?) during a meet and they were very impressive too... 'Lucky' they need a whole different amplifier or otherwise I would be way too tempted to buy one and then put my life in a very poor and bad situation
Can't remember. Long time since I had my TF10 with stock cable until I lost it and bought this one with the FiiO cable.
Nah pretty standard size plug. I've seen Ppl claiming that they are microphonic bit that's not how I find them
Not until you actually tried one... I was one of those who despite their looks until I tried one, surprised by their comfort, and then when music started playing... Wow.
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