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I realize this might be a good place to ask...   Has anyone tried both the LF339/DV337 and the Little Dot mk6 (or mk8)? The insane headfi-er me is growing in power and challenges the sane side of me to sell my 339 for a LD balanced amp. The justification was 'to better use your balanced NFB10'...
 It isn't the value that impress, but the willingness to take the extra step. That thought of how 'Oh he's getting a portable amp? He might need some silicon bands too! That might save him two week's wait from buying on Ebay' is just great customer service.
I was buying bulk Canare cables on EBay a while back, and I remember asking my gf what colour should I buy. I must've asked her a lot more times than I remembered because I recall her loosing her patience and told me to buy Black.   Something like "Just buy black! You want to show your headphones not the cable, just GO WITH BLACK!!!"   So I did, and everytime I see someone using a coloured mogami or canare cable, I regret my choice. Blue, Silver or Red or other colours...
 Was driving my boss when he told me to 'Chuck a U-banger'
UNSW's got a fairly small but tight network of HeadFiers :D
 Sounds colder, more refined (less grainy kind of feel), and not as emotional/involving mids. p.s. Thanks for helping me and Lin out mate.
Have you tried ?
Guys need help identifying a pair of Grado headphones without labels.   Seems like a 325 or ms2? The PS500 (PS1 !!!!) don't seem to have those grooves.
 Wholeheartedly agree
 I remember listening to a 407 or 507 (or 307?) during a meet and they were very impressive too... 'Lucky' they need a whole different amplifier or otherwise I would be way too tempted to buy one and then put my life in a very poor and bad situation
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