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Lol mate have fun!   On another note, are you going to share us some love and be the delivery man for us headfi-ers in AU? :D
No I think this is a great price :) The 701s aren't even close to what you would prefer! Brave choice!     Also free ad for Golo:   I know this guy in person and while his post count is low, he is very trust worthy. If he cheated on you on this transaction, I will personally drive up to his place and steal his 701's and post them to you.   Adrian
When did you even got a pair of these?!!   So it is still the La Figaro 339 -> HD650 all the way? :D
 They are still 'affordable' and 'justifiable', especially next to the post $1k headphones. Plus, the sound from this so-called mid-fi class is very, very good (And you are really missing out if you don't try some of the midfi tier products)
 I would really not mind a direct trade with your D5000 XDD if I not already own one!
Hawas just going to shoot you a pm and see how you are enjoying them!
 Does the E12 bring improvements over the X5?
 Bring it on. Canon 450D ready to roll!
Wink's home.
For sale is my beloved La Figaro 339, one of the (if not) the best OTL headphone amps you can get.   Dual mono design, and loads of power. Can drive HE-6 loudly at ~75% of its volume pot... Sounds superb with high impedance headphones e.g. my Sennheisers, and Grado's - somehow.   Selling due to possible upgrade to a balanced tube amp (takes deep breath). I currently only have the stock tubes and a pair of RCA 6080. I will also include the two sets of power cable as...
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