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 Nah mate it's the worst I've heard, hence I'm selling it, to you. Sucked in!
 And I am doing the same thing. Not that the LF339 isn't good (it is amazing), it's just when situation comes I would keep the AudioGD because it is more versatile.
Oh wow didn't know the nfb15 is that powerful. I guess I am far from using my nfb10 to the max!
Ah sorry guys I was strictly talking about power~volume levels, not pairing.   Thanks for the clarifications.
339 has enough power to drive a pair of he6, so the he5LE you have should be of no problem.
Trying silver ears, everything was cool except mp3 and reverb...   What do you guys listen out for?     mp3: Got no idea (lol lucky I'm not a huge believer in flac or 24/96 or else i'll be suiciding)   reverb: Do you listen to the background organ and see if it is sounding crisp or not?     :S
Sorry but me and all the other cool kids go to UNSW ;)
 Plug them into the DAC's line out, if there's one.
Hi just out of curiosity, is the super 7 real balanced? Or is the 4pin xlr just there for convenience?   Many thanks, Adrian 
 That IEM collection is definitely impressive! Headphones wise, nahh~ we've seen even better on HeadFi. An Abyss will beat them all stacked up (price-wise) single handedly, let alone the same guy probably has another pair or two of those Ed8... Just teasing you, I really lust for that IEM collection. I have the TF10 and UE900 just recently, but have been long lusting after the JVC FX700! Also interested in how do Ultrasone IQ sound like, if you don't mind sharing very...
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