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 A guy at a meet had rs1's and tried my mspro's. 6 months later, he is looking for a pair of MSPro on the FS/WTB forum. ;)
I see a Little dot mk4, another little dot, and what's the device in the middle?!
 Nice looking cable with colours we don't often see! I don't have paracord but I much prefer hiding the wires above Y-split in TechFlex. Yes when you touch it it is more noisy, but if your Y-split is high/low enough they won't touch your cheek. The TechFlex helps the cable to stay relatively stiffer at that region so it isn't yanking when I move my head around. However when I used wires+heatshrink at that region I experienced what you were describing.
 Didn't actually get time to try it again tbh... Flat out at work. Even when I do have the time, I much rather just listen to music and then sleep. I got the Philips tunes in my head however~
 Brooko you must be the other me living somewhere else than Sydney. Midfi collection check, tube amp and a NFB combo check, recabled everything for aesthetic reasons check...
I'm stuck at both reverb and bitrate, but I actually have more confidence in the reverb tests...
 Everything on your list is fine. Judging by how many times you've tried asking this question, I would suggest you buying second hand, and do the buy&sell routine that most headfiers will go through.
 Nah mate it's the worst I've heard, hence I'm selling it, to you. Sucked in!
 And I am doing the same thing. Not that the LF339 isn't good (it is amazing), it's just when situation comes I would keep the AudioGD because it is more versatile.
Oh wow didn't know the nfb15 is that powerful. I guess I am far from using my nfb10 to the max!
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