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 Guess what? Do-it-yourself and check the difference out. And if it doesn't improve anything? You've learnt to appreciate another well-thought out element that the Sennheiser engineers have put into this product.
 I think while forums are open to opinions, people on average appreciate politeness. Your first post could definitely have used a lighter tone e.g. 'Wow that's expensive... I would've gone for a D5000 instead but congratulations for your new purchase" that kind of comment would have had the same effect and not left another headfier unhappy for the day. With that money however, I would also gone for a D5000 XD
What input tubes are used in the newer version?
 A guy at a meet had rs1's and tried my mspro's. 6 months later, he is looking for a pair of MSPro on the FS/WTB forum. ;)
I see a Little dot mk4, another little dot, and what's the device in the middle?!
 Nice looking cable with colours we don't often see! I don't have paracord but I much prefer hiding the wires above Y-split in TechFlex. Yes when you touch it it is more noisy, but if your Y-split is high/low enough they won't touch your cheek. The TechFlex helps the cable to stay relatively stiffer at that region so it isn't yanking when I move my head around. However when I used wires+heatshrink at that region I experienced what you were describing.
 Didn't actually get time to try it again tbh... Flat out at work. Even when I do have the time, I much rather just listen to music and then sleep. I got the Philips tunes in my head however~
 Brooko you must be the other me living somewhere else than Sydney. Midfi collection check, tube amp and a NFB combo check, recabled everything for aesthetic reasons check...
I'm stuck at both reverb and bitrate, but I actually have more confidence in the reverb tests...
 Everything on your list is fine. Judging by how many times you've tried asking this question, I would suggest you buying second hand, and do the buy&sell routine that most headfiers will go through.
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