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 I have 4 pin XLRs but I guess you need dual 3-pin?
I'm in!   I can bring a   NFB10   AKG K400 Alessandro MS Pro Audio Technica W10VTG Beyer DT1350 Denon D5000 Sennheiser HD580     FiiO X3 Sflo:2 (For sale~~) TTVJ Slim   UE900 TF10 RE0     Anyone has a LD mk6 or 8? *please* Also would not mind listening to the PS1 again... *drools*
 How are you liking the amp!!!
 Yea I'm not really suggesting someone or not suggesting something. I've got both some pro's and con's out, which is what I wanted to do, so I'm all good. Have a nice day!
 Because there are pro's and con's of the amp and you've only stated some! Some people would prefer a tiny amp like the pico while others would like a Talucent, just for IEMs! Heck I never need 80hrs of run time because I have a habit to charge all my gadgets each night! And we aren't even talking to those who use an amp for a 32ohm TF10 vs those who use a clip zip for the TF10! Everyone has their preferences! If size/battery life/power was an issue, why bother with an...
 The E12 gets glorious reviews from users of in-ears and heapdhones, it has power to drive a TF10 or future purchases, it is well built, it is backed by a big company and you know they will be there, looks totally slick, decently affordable... Why would you dismiss the E12 when looking for a portable amp?
  Goodbye LF339
 Ohhh calling McIntosh Beats is bold... *disclaimer: never tried McIntosh products*
  I just love the stock cup's more understated appeal with the subtle gold prints on it. The aftermarket cups just shows-off that wooden grain too much and doesn't feel as 'connected' to the rest of the headphone, if you get what I mean.
Strangely I prefer the looks of the stock cups    Anyone with me?
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