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How much are the AKG earpads in the US or EU? They are not available in Australia and I'm wondering if there's some helpful headfiers around during Easter times :'(
 Dying to hear more as I am in the exact same position too.
 Rzy6cn I remember you!!! Could you bring your PS1 along again... please? :D
Laptops most of the time.
That's interesting because I have them now and they do not sound thin nor trebly at all... Just very thick and realistic mids   Do you speak of experience, and had a good seal with the Etys?
The Canare L4e6s is heavier than other braided cables but it feels sturdy, and never de-shape. Plus it is not that heavy (unless you already have a very headphone to start with). I love using them.
I have both the D5000 and HD580 XD   Hey anyone found the ER4s sounding similar to the Sennheisers?
 Thanks I am definitely looking forward to testing it out myself! GSX nice... So glad I recabled everything balance before the meet ;)
 Nice! I've been thinking if I should sell my older Sflo:2 + X3 for the X5. How are you liking it so far?
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