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 Omg can you imagine the Invicta + GSX + a HD800 or TH900 or I DON'T EVEN KNOW ANYMORE   aim54x Sorry for the late notice!
 Oh that's nice! I am personally interested in the E18 because I am deciding should I stick with a separate mp3 player or go with my phone + E18 (or an Apex Glacier if I go all in XD)... The form factor is a deciding factor to me. Looking forward to try it out!
DudeIt is the grado ps1. Very very very very very good sounding
 Might not be the best but definitely a very cheap and effective combo! Not only you get to try using Amps and Dacs, but you also get to upgrade separate components later in the stage (E6 might be the one to go first)!
 Well of course! But what i mean is when compared to the stock MS1, the mids seem a touch unnatural... to my ears and this is confusing me because otherwise the mod is great!
 Nice midbass boost :D Do you ever find the MS1000 mids slightly distanced? I occasionally do and your graphs suggest that too.
How much are the AKG earpads in the US or EU? They are not available in Australia and I'm wondering if there's some helpful headfiers around during Easter times :'(
 Dying to hear more as I am in the exact same position too.
 Rzy6cn I remember you!!! Could you bring your PS1 along again... please? :D
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