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Nice trick turning the iPod to an AK100 or DX50 XD
   Ok what I meant is I am not sure did it improve on balanced output, but I don't really care anymore because it is sounding so good to me at this moment. I.e. I did not bother testing between single/balanced or cable or another DAC or amp or whatever. Also, TRRS can be used to provide a mic or balanced audio depending on the manufacturing, and NO your HD600 came only with a TRS jack. TRS jacks have 2 black strips while TRRS has 3 ;)
Out of? NFB10. Improved? Maybe? Sounds pretty good though. Solid.
 Every breath you take we'll be watching you Jokes aside, I'm not so sure about balanced being a standard! I would rank digital out in front of balanced phone out, and have manufactures starting to make more DAC/AMP that can do the whole full balanced thing or tube or whatever. p.s. Your full size is my dream setup. Just saving for the MK6 and I think I'll be good too (until I get ridiculously rich and go for a Audio GD Ref10 :S)
 I thought you said you've reached the end of your headfi journey! Stop wasting money!!
 Hey first-timer I just found your setup! Nice listening station ;) Visit us more often so you get to post your pictures!
Hey Rick sorry the price is hidden because it is already sold.
 Hey, The music genres you described do remind me of a grado rather than a Denon. How do you like your sr60? If you are not looking for a change, the higher end grado's do sound noticeably better than the entry level sr60. You get more resolution and refinement, and soundstage (Yes! Small but there is finally 3D sound not 2D!). If you are looking for something that sounds more polite, AKG makes very good headphones in your budget - the 701s and 601s, but they would like an...
I should be able to provide help :)   pm me
 I think only the PS1 was there today. It has smaller earpads than the PS1000 (which is over year compared to the PS1 or RS1)
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