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 Wow that gear list escalated quickly :o What happened to the LD and T70! Left at work headphones now!
I know those feelings! Must only keep one from each brand!
 Hey Brooko just so you know, there's a NFB10 on EBay Australia ;) You know if you want to upgrade... (The unit is not mine altho I've been thinking to swap my 10.2 to that 10.32 newer unit... if the price is right)
 On one side of the spectrum you have the 'feather class', i.e. Sony's F1, SA series etc...Then you have these 'pillows' like the old Senn/AKG/Beyer trio... Then you have the 'bricks', now there can be heavy bricks or lighter bricks, but... LCD2 and the Hifiman planars both believe in this category imo. I forgot which one is 'better' however so you need to try that out for yourself I'm afraid
 Alternatively you can strap a brick on your head to check whether the LCD r2 is comfortable to wear or not  Sorry I just had to XD Good luck finding a pair to try!
What about a nfb11 or nfb15 or similar? Has plenty digital inputs and a of quality amp
 All popular. Personally can vouch for the 336 (and the 339 my friend...), and the AGD products are great too
Nice trick turning the iPod to an AK100 or DX50 XD
   Ok what I meant is I am not sure did it improve on balanced output, but I don't really care anymore because it is sounding so good to me at this moment. I.e. I did not bother testing between single/balanced or cable or another DAC or amp or whatever. Also, TRRS can be used to provide a mic or balanced audio depending on the manufacturing, and NO your HD600 came only with a TRS jack. TRS jacks have 2 black strips while TRRS has 3 ;)
Out of? NFB10. Improved? Maybe? Sounds pretty good though. Solid.
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