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Mine is received on 3/20/14 as it is posted on my history order. I dont know why it appear to be 3/26/14. So which is correct? The one on my JH account or the one Andrew said?
The other is posted directly on the JH facebook page. And that is the full private conversation between me and Andrew.
I had a big argument with Andrew Regan, the manager of JH audio. I feel very insulted by his word.
Can you provide more information? Warranty? Where did you buy this?
interested in your cowon j3. Can you provide more information?
JH customer service is still not improved. I pm them on FB, no respond, email them and still repeating the phase " We are sorry for the delay, we are working at our best. We will update you asap". OMG. I dont know when my Roxanne will arrive. I ordered 3 months ago with normal acrylic option.
How much for sale? I mean total for shipping and paypal fee?
Hi, I'm interested in your audioquest sidewinder cable. Can you provide more pics?
Interested in your z2. How is the battery life?
My ear impressions just came to the lab yesterday. 6 weeks to go for my K10.   My roxanne still need 6 more weeks to finished. I hope that these 2 will come in the same time, I will make a comparison between these 2 high end 1k6 usd CIEMs.
New Posts  All Forums: