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I mean ordering online.
 Is this the 1st time UE give out a 20% promotion?
I want to sell my Earsonics S-EM6 in mint condition, 1 month and 1 week old, still under warranty. It will included a BTG audio starlight cable which I bought for enhancing the treble. I want to let it go for 900usd. Price is firmed and included shipping in USA. PP fees 4% on buyer or gifted.
 The serial number is 02739. For the pics, I update later.
 wow, that's cool. I have been reading lots of UERM review. Do you think using a copper cable can enhance the bass?
 Thanks, I have consider the UE11 too, it's bass is quite powerful.
 It is true that I like bassy or a more V shape CIEM. I barely see UE offer a discount so I want to a take hit on UE. I have read many review about UERM but not many on UE18, I really want to hear the demo first since UERM's treble might be to harsh for me and the UE18's treble is rolled off (based on what I read). BTW, I already order a Roxanne already but it is an universal model. Mine will arrive this December.
Hi, I just got a news that UE is gonna to give a 20% discount next week so I consider to take a hit on UE. I'm interested in both UERM and UE18. Which one is better for pop or modern music, sometimes EDM?   I owned JH16, Heir Audio 8A and UM Merlin. So I want to put a trigger n UE.   My portable set up will be Sony Z1050 + Arrow 4G, sometimes with my Note 2 or Clip zip. Or my desktop set up is Dac magic plus + violectric v200. But I'm primarily on the go.   Thanks...
Plussound audio exo copper 28/10 with viablue jack, fit westone, jh, um ..... : 60 Price is firmed. Price included shipping in USA. Paypal fee on buyers or gifted. ONLY in USA.
How much will you let it go? Give me the total to Las Vegas.
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