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Hi everyone   I am planning to get a CIEM between JH16fp and UERM. I am looking for a bright and fast paced sounding.   I used to owned JH16 non FP version. The bass is a bit overwhelming and the treble tempted to be harsh, sometime sibilance.   I don't know if the JH16 FP is a improved version of JH16 or not, but I am willing to try for it.   My set up are AK120 or sony ZX1 + apex glacier.   Any help would be appreciated.
price dropped
I am looking for a jh16 fp version for my friend. If anyone has one and want to sell them. Pls left me a message
I'm interested but the price sound a bit fishy to me. Where did you buy it? Do you have the receipt in case of warranty?
AK100/120 dock and remote are brand new, still wrapped with the plastic wrap. Got them extra. Need to sell them for my medical bill. I sell it as a combo, so you will save lots of money and still get the brand new dock and remote like you get at the store. Price included shipping, paypal fee on buyers.
The dacmagic plus is 2 yrs old, bought directly from Amazon. It works flawlessly, no dent, no scratch, no defect. Everything included.   I am looking for an urgent sale. So no low baller here.   Shipping will be split if you want to get the outer box, or if you dont want the box, I will cover the whole shipping. Paypal fee on buyers.
Not yet, still waiting for the next owner.
how about trading with my JH roxanne?
TH900 is too similar to my Denon D7k so, I won't need it. I am strongly prefer HD800 since I haven't tried it yet.
HD800 or T1 is also fine with me.
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