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Price dropped.
Great price. Will buy it if I have enough fund.
I had a pair of Phonak 122 for sale. It is a gift from Earphonesolution. It is less then 10 hours. All original accessories and package included.   Price included shipping in USA. PP fee on buyers or gift.   ONLY IN USA!!!!!
Price dropped
Wow, I am lucky enough that Andrew asked me if I want my refund and my ear impression after I complaint and said the fact about the customer service, I will never buy Jh product anymore.
Mine will be arrive next week.
I'm interested. Can you provide some pics and information?
Seem like Andrew Regan is a big liar. He said that mine will be shipped last week. But I still got no information or update about my Roxanne. What a let down.
8.5 kg 7.8 kg 5.1 kg
Is your price include everything from the 1st owner listed and plus pp fee?
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