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Still haven't heard the announcement from UE.
I saw it available on ebay last week. But this week, it was gone.
Ủa? Thằng hotfever lên Roxanne à?
How much is the total cost for shipping to Las Vegas?
It is the k3003i version. I think it is the standard version in USA market.Nah, since you are underaged, I can't do the wire transfer because I am afraid to get in trouble with your parents or legal guardian. I only accept paypal to avoid potential risks.
Me too, exactly on 9am.
 Wow, then UERM is not my taste. So, UE18 FTW. Tomorrow 9am I will try my luck to see if I can win a extra AK120.
Thanks for the tips. If I buy the UERM, I will definitely try out the copper cable. I already ordered a Roxanne universal model. It will arrive this early December. Well, since UE is offering a 20% promo, I barely see this, maybe the 1st time. I never try any UE customs, so I want to give it a try. I'm also considering the Noble K10 since Noble offer 20% promo too.
 I only accept paypal currently. I will include the receipt along the package.
   1 year left, it is made in Austria.
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