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what is the total for shipping to Las Vegas?
If this is still available, pls give me the total for shipping to Las Vegas.
what is the price for HD600? Can you provide me some pics?
UM Shure 530x6 reshelleb by UM with 3 additional drivers, will included BTG starlight cable: 300usd Price included shipping, Paypal fee on buyers or gifted. NEED URGENT CASH, so no low baller offer.
I have a barely used arrow 4g. The battery last more than a month. I will include a leather pocket DIY by myself for the arrow 4g. I want to let it go for 220usd. Included pp fee and shipping inside USA. Pics will update later.
what is the total for shipping to Las Vegas? Do you have the receipt or warranty?
Kool audio, it is in Vietnam.
According to JH that the Roxanne (both customs and universal) is delayed because of the cable manufacturing. I wonder when my universal Roxanne will arrive.
That's right, I order from a dealer. Both dealer and JH stated that it will be shipped in the 1st 2 week of DEC.
   I know but the problem is that I will be out of country for 1 month, I hope I can have to mess with, also no one will at home to get the package for me.
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