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yes it is, the xlr balance out put is on behind.
The dacmagic plus is 2 yrs old, bought directly from Amazon. It works flawlessly, no dent, no scratch, no defect. Everything included.   I am looking for an urgent sale. So no low baller here.   Shipping will be split if you want to get the outer box, or if you dont want the box, I will cover the whole shipping. Paypal fee on buyers.
I tried to shoot Inearz several emails but no one reply. Is there any other way to contact them?
that is the jh3a cable, not the original one, so do read carefully before you comment. Do some research.
Wow 50% of the new pricing included shipping. Good luck, I hope you can find it.
Oh, because I saw the 1st pic, you have the long adapter. I dont know if you still have it.
I am interested. Does your cable come with the 3.5 adapter? Or I need to buy it separately?
What version is your jh16? Old version or freqphase?
AK100/120 dock and remote are brand new, still sealed with the plastic wrap: 120usd   Twag v2 with oyaide L jack: SOLD   Price included shipping. Paypal fee on buyers.
UM Mentor CIEM: mint condition, everything included, still under warranty: sold   Shure se845: mint condition, bought from earphonesolution: sold   Phonak 122: mint condition, everything included: 80usd   Price included shipping. Paypal fee on buyers.
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