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According to JH that the Roxanne (both customs and universal) is delayed because of the cable manufacturing. I wonder when my universal Roxanne will arrive.
That's right, I order from a dealer. Both dealer and JH stated that it will be shipped in the 1st 2 week of DEC.
   I know but the problem is that I will be out of country for 1 month, I hope I can have to mess with, also no one will at home to get the package for me.
That's what I felt too. I'm kind of disappoint when JH keep delaying the Roxanne. I order a Roxanne too but universal model, they said it would ship out in the 1st 2 week of Dec, and right now, I'm still waiting.
Wolfson WM8740 high-end DAC
 I can buy it right now but I still prefer to wait to save extra money since I know there will another black friday discount.
Wow, that's a long time to wait.
Hey Brannan, when will the next discount promotion occur? I start my saving for the K10 right now.
 Wow, that's bad. Does it change the sound?
Did they keep the original connector pin or change to the standard connector pin?
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