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I have pair of Sennheiser HD600 with original cable + 6.3mm adapter, but lost the box and other paper. I will include the Canare cable to make it up, which improve the clarity of HD600. Not looking for trade at the moment. Price: 250 included shipping in US. Paypal fee on buyers or gifted. Pics will be updated later.
Is this still available? You got pm.
I want sell my AK120 in pristine condition that I rarely use, everything included, just updated to the new version 1.42. The 2 film protectors (screen and back) still attach to the player. No scratch, no dings, no error, work flawlessly.   Price included shipping in USA. Paypal fee on buyer or gifted. Prefer shipping in USA. I will only ship international on buyer expense.   P/S: Only pm me if you have serious intention to buy, that will save both of our time. 
does it have other ear tips?
what is the serial number of your T1?
AK100/120 dock and remote are brand new, still wrapped with the plastic wrap. Got them extra. Need to sell them for my medical bill.   Also, you will get a free brown leather case and Jason Mars album too.   I sell it as a combo, so you will save lots of money and still get the brand new dock and remote like you get at the store.   Price included shipping, paypal fee on buyers.
Hi everyone I would like to sell my noble k10. I am the 2nd owner. Everything included, I have re-terminated the cable with neutrik jack for treble enhancement. Also, I can include a whiplash twag v3 for only 200usd. So many people ask why do I sell this. Well, it is because I am getting married and I need fund for the wedding. Price included shipping in USA. Paypal fees on buyers or gifted. Pics will update later.
I won't say K10 is superior to JH16. They win each other on different aspects. K10 is more musical, less source sensitive while Jh16 is more engaging and lively (stage use). I use jh16 for pop music and k10 for ballad. Roxanne's sound is too thick, I would think of senn HD650.
I have owned Roxanne custom, JH16 non FP, and noble k10.   For me, JH just steered to a different sound signature. I found the Roxanne very muddy, even with my super bright combo ZX1 + apex glacier. Roxanne is lack of engaging feeling and not lively as JH16. Compare to JH16, I would say Roxanne is a let down.   Roxanne vs K10, Roxanne just 1 level below in term of clarity and brightness.
The dacmagic plus is 2 yrs old, bought directly from Amazon. It works flawlessly, no dent, no scratch, no defect. Everything included.   I am looking for an urgent sale. So no low baller here.   300usd shipped, no question asked.
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