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Oh I see. I don't want to see the cable turn green like my old jh16 cable.
 So only the clear cable fix the screw problem, the black cable is still unfixed?
 Oh, I see. I had read those complaint. Personally I had ordered a Roxanne universal but I just cant stand the waiting time with more than 2.5 months. I did cancel my pre-order. I thought they fix the cable problem, and many members have got their Roxanne. So I think they had fix their errors. I really like the concept of adjustable bass of Roxanne. The reason I don't prefer is that I hate paying import tax, and Noble don't have the policy declaring lower value so that...
 Oh really? Can you describe a bit of the K10?  Wow, that's stink. Can you tell me what you have gone through with JH?
Hi guys   I have been saving to get a new pair of CIEM. I'm aiming at the best and expensive CIEM I could reach in my range.   I had both owned heir audio 8A and Jh16 (none FP), I found the 8A is a bit too dark and slow and Jh16 is very mid-recessed and to bassy.   I wonder if I should get k10, an improvement of 8a or JH roxanne, a whole new flagship of JH.   My source is sony F885 + apex glacier.
shure 530x6 price dropped
shure se530x6 price dropped
beyer T1 sold
beyer t1 sold
Whiplash audio twag v3, brought from whiplash, terminated with straight oyaide plug: 270usd   Plussound 8X cable copper and silver plated copper hybrid, 4 cores copper and 4 cores silver plated, The jack is oyaide straight plug : 150usd   Both connectors are used for UM, Westone, JH, ......   Price included shipping, Paypal fee on buyers or gifted.   NEED URGENT CASH, so no low baller offer.
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