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The dacmagic plus is 2 yrs old, bought directly from Amazon. It works flawlessly, no dent, no scratch, no defect.   I am looking for an urgent sale. So no low baller here.   Price included shipping. Paypal fee on buyers.
Not yet, still waiting for the next owner.
how about trading with my JH roxanne?
TH900 is too similar to my Denon D7k so, I won't need it. I am strongly prefer HD800 since I haven't tried it yet.
HD800 or T1 is also fine with me.
pic added.
well. I dont know yet. It depends on how much you offer.
 I would recommend UM because of the quality and they can keep the same signature after reshelled, also Stephen from UM confirmed that they can reshell the Roxanne while still keep the original connector, unless you want to change to the normal 2 pin. My ear is pretty small. If your ears are big, you will probably use it as an universal.
Hi everyone I had a Roxanne custom that I ordered on March and it arrived on May. I used it no more than 20 hours, not even burning in. So basically you can a nearly brand new Roxanne without waiting too long and get it for a cheaper price. I want to trade my Roxanne for a HD800 or T1. If you have one and are interested in my Roxanne, shoot me a pm, we can discuss about it. After 2 weeks of being dropped bomb by low baller, I offer the straight sale too. I'm tired of...
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