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To be honest, your offer is too low ball. I don't even want reply.
I an still waiting for your pics.
I have a pair of westone w30 that I got from my family as a Christmas gift. It was bought just before Christmas from Sonic Electronix. It is not yet burned in and less than 1 hour of listening.   Everything is included. All tips are unused except for the stock attach to the earphone. I have the receipt and it is registered for warranty (until Dec 2018).   I want to trade my W30 for a shure se846 + cash on my side. So if you are interested, please pm me.   Reason: I...
I had a set of used UE18 that I want to sell. I am the original owner of this set. I really like it but it is getting unfit due to change of my ears. It sounds perfectly without any problems. Everything is included as the original package from UE. The cable is black, so no green like silver cables, the connector is still shiny. Might be interested in trading for shure se846. Price included shipping in US. Paypal fee on buyers or gifted.
Yes it does.
1)126589 2)136985 3)178564
Just uploaded
I have a pair of AAW A3H-Pro universal version bought from Massdrop. It is in mint condition. Everything is included.   Since it is universal, it fits everyone ears.   No trade.   Price included shipping in US. Paypal on buyers.  
Without the filters, it is very hard to go.
 must go before August 15th
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