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Dear Sir,May I know if the sale on Miracle is still on? Shame that I only see this post just now.....Thanks a lot!!
Didn't you have your SM3 v2 already?    Mine was received yesterday from SoundEarphones, and I just compared it side by side with my W4..  
  It almost looks like the Westone with the first look.   I have the Westone W4 and when you compare them closely, there are quite some differences. SM3 v2 is actually bigger than the W4, and the latter is also more streamline in the casing, making the W4 more comfortable to wear.    For the manufacturing quality and the material of the plastic casing, W4 also outperforms SM3 v2.   Regarding sound quality, W4 which had been run in for about 80+ hours is more balanced in...
Got mine from SoundEarphones yesterday.
Made my order too on May 14 via Soundearphones. They said just now they are still waiting shipment from EarSonics. Hope to get it soon.
Had anymore got it yet? Really longing to see some impression and box opening post...
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